Projects and Initiatives Join our initiatives to create knowledge and generate best practices in support of sustainable organizational growth.


IE partners with companies and institutions to design and develop entrepreneurial initiatives. We invite you to join them to capitalize on synergies and achieve excellence together.

These initiatives use a global approach to strengthen training, recruitment, knowledge creation, and corporate innovation strategies with a view to generating best practices in a variety of areas.

At IE, entrepreneurship and support for startups are institutional cornerstones. Corporate innovation is one of our core strenghts.

Managers and owners of both large and small organizations with high growth potential can rely on IE to support their development.

Scaling Up Initiative

Aimed at organizations experiencing strong growth or in the process of scaling up, this initiative helps leaders rapidly improve their management skills.

The projects undertaken as part of this initiative focus on providing highly practical training and developing solutions to quickly meet intense recruitment needs in order to enable strong, agile growth.

In today’s rapidly changing environment, growth is not optional; it is imperative to survival. We help organizations train their people and improve their processes to meet this challenge.

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Family Business Initiative

Family businesses are a key part of the organizational community. Building on their individual values and strengths, IE use its international programs and cutting-edge tools to help them successfully address their growth, leadership, and succession challenges.

Multilatina Initiative

We invite you to join this initiative, intended to support multilatina companies in their rapid growth and expansion processes beyond Latin America and help them strengthen their leadership positions.

IE Insights

Insights is IE University’s thought leadership publication for sharing knowledge on management, technology and innovation. We bring fresh ideas from research-based analysis, practitioners and world-leading experts.