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IE Air & Space Initiative

As the world of business and industry look towards the stars, the IE Air & Space Initiative considers what that means for business opportunities both on Earth and beyond.

The IE Air & Space Initiative was created by students, alumni and faculty interested in forming part of the conversation about this fascinating industry. Space is the next business frontier that promises to have a profound effect on society as a whole.

We are defined by our capacity to explore and innovate. Today, we can’t imagine life without GPS, instant global communication, or the technology that allows us to get anywhere in the world in under 24 hours. Tomorrow, advancements such asteroid mining, space tourism, space manufacturing or discoveries in medicine as a result of zero gravity research could change the course of business.

Curious to know more? Join us and be part of the conversation.

"Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss it you will land among the stars."

Les Brown

Who we are and what we do

The IE Air & Space Initiative was launched by a group of students, alumni and faculty with a keen interest in the space industry, and a desire to learn more and involve IE in the conversation surrounding the business of space.

We bring our students and partners closer to key space industry players by creating a network within which ideas, insights and knowledge are exchanged through a series of events, roundtables, panels and much more.

We are committed to sharing the knowledge gathered through the initiative with our peers, by developing a series of video interviews and podcasts for our IE Space Talks series.


One of the main missions of the IE Air & Space Initiative is to generate and share knowledge and industry insights about the business of space. In the IE Space Talks series, William Dávila, Executive Director of Corporate Relations at IE and our space commander, chats with industry experts and thought leaders about their experiences in the industry, and their visions of the future of business in the sector.


On the 10th of September, 2018, Gwynne Shotwell, President and COO of Space X, shared what it’s like to live and breathe the Space X mission of enabling interplanetary life with IE University. Our campus’ V-Garden played host to Ms. Shotwell, COO of Space X, and nearly 100 guests comprised of students, industry stakeholders, faculty and alumni, for a dynamic presentation of Space X’s vision of the private space industry, followed by a lively Q&A orchestrated by our student clubs.

Ms. Shotwell is responsible for operations and strategic relationships with customers and has been a member of the management team at SpaceX since day one, sharing in the company’s vision for a future where humanity is out exploring the stars.


IE University had the pleasure of hosting the Founder and Lead Investigator of OffWorld, James Murray, on the 5th of November, 2018, who shared his ideas on the future of the space industry and space mining.

Special Collaborators


With its sights set on humans inhabiting another planet, SpaceX, now 16 years young, is the world’s fastest-growing aerospace launch services company.


OffWorld believes in turning the inner solar system into a better, gentler, greener place for life and civilization. With that mission in mind, the company develops smart robots that change the way that we mine, process, manufacture and build cities on Earth in order to prepare them for a future offworld.


50th Anniversary of the Apollo Moon Landing

¨We choose to go to the moon¨ said U.S President John F. Kennedy in 1962. Just a few years after on July 20th 1969, exactly fifty years ago, Edwin E. ¨Buzz¨ Aldrin Jr. and Neil A. Amstrong made history by being the first humans to leave footprints on the moon.

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Consortium to develop “space sustainability” rating system | IE Corporate Relations

Consortium to develop “space sustainability” rating system

The World Economic Forum has put together a team from different companies, universities and agencies to establish a framework to rate the sustainability of space systems.

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The new race to the moon begins | IE Corporate Relations

The new race to the moon begins

The space race is back on, only this time with competitors like Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk and Donald Trump.

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IE Air & Space Crew

Pedro Argüelles

Chairman of IE Corporate Relations

William Davila

Executive Director of Corporate Relations

Balvinder Powar

Co-Founder & Board Member BOOSTER Space Industries

Milo Jones

Visiting Professor at IE

Pedro Hormigo

Corporate Account Management Director, IE Corporate Relations

Borja González del Regueral

Vice Dean of IE´s School of Human Sciences & Technology

Leonardo Lima

Corporate Account Management Director at IE Business School

Ricardo Pérez

Master in Management Professor

Sofía Rubio

Loyalty Manager, IE Corporate Relations

Sofía Bogunovic

Corporate Marketing Specialist

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