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Proud Of To partner with IE is to work in an environment based on leadership and a commitment to excellence and social progress.


Partnering for Success

Achieving common goals is easier when you work together.

Our corporate partnerships generate synergies that make it faster and easier to meet the challenges facing organizations and society. Partnering with IE means working in an environment based on leadership and a commitment to excellence and social progress.

IE builds on these partnerships to establish unique, customized relationships with our partners. We leverage our expertise and global reach, including activities in more than 120 countries, to give our partners a competitive edge.

Contact our team today, so we can start moving forward together.

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Why Partner With Us?

  • A Unique Relationship

    IE builds on these collaborations to establish unique relationships with our corporate partners.

  • Access to Our Expertise

    We bring all our expertise and knowledge to the table, to meet your organization’s challenges together.

  • Competitive Edge

    Our leadership, diversity, and global capabilities afford our partners an edge.

  • Customized Service

    Our partners engage meaningfully with IE, benefiting from a close relationship and a working dynamic that draws on all our capabilities.

Our Partners

Our value ecosystem consists of our corporate partners. Together, we create synergies that benefit their organizations, our institution, and society at large.

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