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Your Organization IE designs and delivers custom masters programs, recognized as among the best in the world by the main international rankings and institutions.

Corporate Masters

IE’s corporate masters are bespoke versions of our internationally acclaimed open masters.

These programs can be individually designed for a single company, tailored to a consortium of companies, or sponsored by an organization. Participants benefit from a proven earning model based on our renowned methodology and unique approach to business, while earning the accreditation of a master’s degree. In addition to honing their management skills, they acquire a deep knowledge of specific fields, such as finance, consulting, technology, law, etc.

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Our Corporate Masters

Organization-Specific Masters

Jointly designed with the company, these programs aim to attract and develop the best talent for the organization (e.g., the Landwell PWC Corporate Master).

Sponsored Masters

IE works closely with the sponsor to design a program that caters to its needs but is open to people from other organizations (e.g., the Islamic Corporation of Development Corporate Master).

Consortium Masters

Tailored to the needs of a specific market or industry, these programs are specially developed for a consortium of companies (e.g., the LATAM Consortium Corporate Master).

Benefits of Corporate Masters

The programs are integrated with participants’ professional roles, providing added value for the organization. Participants earn a master’s degree from IE.

Made-to-measure for the workplace

Compatible with participants’ work schedules and personal lives, the programs’ blended-learning format combines face-to-face and online activities. This innovative approach enables fluid interaction between faculty and participants around the world, allowing them to address the real challenges and opportunities that executives encounter on the job each day.

Added Value for the Organization

Custom-designed to meet each organization's needs, these programs offer tangible benefits for participants’ companies and careers from day one. The programs are carefully designed to include the latest trends and case studies, offering a strategic approach and equipping participants with strong management leadership skills.

alumni in leadership positions


Innovative Methodology

Official master’s programs with an innovative methodology and global mindset, tailored to your company

Customized and Flexible

The program uses a consulting approach to meet your organization’s specific needs and development goals, leveraging the flexibility of the blended-learning format.

Team Commitment

Participants apply their new skills on the job, allowing their teams to benefit from their experience. Workshops and sessions focused on skills training and agile decision-making make them more effective leaders.


In keeping with IE’s innovative and entrepreneurial spirit, these masters foster an intrapreneurial culture that encourages the development of new projects at the organization. This culture is enriched by the real-time applicability of the concepts and opportunities.

Global Mindset

With students and faculty from around the world, these programs offer an immersion in global challenges. Participants gain concrete, first-hand experience they can use to enhance decision-making at their organizations. At the same time, this global network promotes diversity and the generation of new ideas and opportunities.


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