Corporate Entrepreneurship Transforming companies into innovative businesses

IE’s Innovation Programs are open ecosystems created to cultivate the initial phases of business innovation and experimentation. To do this, we design, develop, and implement comprehensive solutions, designed by our network of senior executives, with the goal of transforming companies into innovative businesses. Our Innovation Programs hope to provide organizations with our skills, knowledge and wide range of academic experts, as well as the enormous power provided by the entrepreneurs that make up our ecosystem and the talent of our students.

Customer Analytics Farm

Offers companies the tools in digital innovation needed to improve their focus on the customer, including the use of applications, bots, and new digital models.

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Law X Innovation Farm

Showing companies how to implement the latest technology and digital intelligence innovations to digitize and optimize the legal practice through automation of judicial procedures, predictive analytics, and smart technology.

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Operation Analytics & Industry 4.0

Helps companies transform and improve operational efficiency, using existing data, machine learning algorithms and advanced technologies.

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Area 31

IE’s startup accelerator that allows teams of entrepreneurs to turn their business ideas into a reality.

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Student Impact Projects

Connecting companies with our talented student body to provide them with new insight into the projects they are developing

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