Research Creating knowledge & boosting corporate innovation

In line with the innovative and pioneering spirit of IE, we collaborate with companies and institutions to create and design initiatives for training employees, attracting talent, knowledge creation and corporate innovation. We conduct this through a series of pillars:

Knowledge Hub

Allows companies to define projects with a specific objective or topic of interest

Learning Hub

A personalized platform for each company, offering content, academic articles, and information about our global events and academic programs

IE Foundation

A non-profit organization committed to enhancing IE’s social impact and to ensure that each member of the IE community has an equal opportunity to grow both personally and professionally


Bodies that monitor and analyze a specific part of the market through rankings, benchmarks, and market trends.

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Initiatives and research projects carried out within a framework established for a specific market or area

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IE Foundation

Centers of Excellence

Research centers that study a particular or strategic topic with the intention of becoming benchmarks for knowledge in the defined areas. These include, but are not limited to:
Centers of Excellence


Projects aimed specifically at particular companies and sectors, such as: