Talent Recruitment Collaborating with companies and organizations in their search for top talent

Through IE’s Talent & Careers department, we offer companies efficient and personalized solutions for attracting top talent so that they can achieve and surpass their goals. Thanks to our network of over 60,000 alumni from 165 different countries, IE Corporate Relations and IE Talent & Careers are able to provide companies with access to a diverse pool of professional profiles – from young professionals and middle management to senior executives. We can also help your organization set up internship programs to train the leaders of tomorrow, through programs of 450 or 900 hours.

Our Talent & Careers department organizes a series of ongoing recruitment based activities, that companies can join in their search for top talent. This includes:

Talent Forums

IE’s largest recruitment event that occurs biannually, and that attracts over 120 companies and 1800 students to our Madrid campus. Employers and students alike are given the opportunity to network, attend company presentations and have one-to-one careers meetings in sectors such as technology, consulting, finance, FMCG, and energy, to name a few.

Networking events

We conduct a series of events on a rolling basis throughout the academic year, giving companies and students the opportunity to network

Online job board

Students and alumni have access to our online university job board, where companies are given a space to share job postings directly with the IE community