Nominated to the EPIC Awards 2019

“Nothing is impossible if you put your mind to it. There will be challenges, moments of fears and naysayers that distract from your dreams. Hear them, take stock of your past challenges, learn new things and apply the lessons learned to the challenge ahead. Always remember that things will always work out in the end if only you don't give up!”

Vice President, Sustainability & External Relations of Newmont Goldcorp Africa - Newmont Goldcorp Corporation. EMCC 2017.

I come from Ghana, West Africa. I studied English and Education at the undergraduate level, followed that up with Communications Studies at the postgraduate level and finally took up the Executive Master in Corporate Communications at IE’s School of Human Sciences and Technology. I have always believed that excelling for the mere sake of excellence is irrelevant unless that excellence creates a meaningful impact that enriches and positively impacts the lives and organizations l work in or with. Humility, looking beyond your fears and the willingness to learn and strive on despite the failures and challenges is essential to one’s success and advancement.

How did IE help you get to where you are today?

Learning that we were in a disruptive world and understanding its impact on business success and failure was an eye-opener for me. I saw the world differently and the way our mining firm managed its communications and engagement with its stakeholders differently. I imagined the several opportunities with all that l had learned from the EMCC program. With that knowledge, l accepted a broader work scope to lead my company’s Africa Region Sustainability and External Relations function. The grueling program pushed me beyond my comfort zone but that has been worthwhile. I have now set up a highly successful social media strategy for my company and there is still more to take advantage of in my new role, applying the several aspects of communications, sustainability and business knowledge l learned.

In which way do you think your work is impacting women’s lives?

When you have numerous women reaching out to you to mentor them or to share your experiences/lessons learned by having successful and successive leadership roles in a generally male-dominated industry, you understand the expectation and role you need to play in encouraging and lifting other women up in their careers. To that end, l have spoken on several platforms about my work, philosophy and approach to life, and have shared perspectives about managing my company’s challenges. I also shared motivational and inspiring messages on my social media channels and thought leadership platforms. Moreover, I’ve responded to several one-on-one messages and calls where l have provided career guidance and progression and personal branding advice. I am grateful for the ripple effects of my mentorship and public presence when l receive messages of young women who have been inspired by my work.

Where do you see the future of women?

The future looks positive and exciting, especially seeing many more women excelling in executive and STEM roles. The advancement of women’s rights and the proof that diversity and inclusion are key to driving business performance has been and will be a game changer. As companies focus on prioritizing diversity, there is increasing recognition that there is still some way to go in advancing qualified women into leadership roles. There is the pressing need to visibly show and share stories of women in leadership roles who are breaking the glass ceiling in spheres typically dominated by men. This will inspire, motivate and create the desire for other women to move beyond the traditional role into leadership roles and typically male-dominated arenas.


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