Amal AlMutawa


Finalist of the EPIC Awards 2020

"Even if you help just one single person to achieve a dream, to that person, you someone who is making their dream come true."

Chief Happiness & Positivity Officer of the Prime Minister's Office- UAE. Dual Degree IMBA & Master in Business Analytics and Big Data 2019.

I’m an Emarati human who is a 3rd culture kid. I Lived in four different countries and been to 10 different schools throughout my life. The past few years, I lived through a transformative experience where I moved from being a coding geek, onto a human geek.

I started my career as a IT network and security engineer with a bachelor degree in computer science. After 15 years of seeking what my passion and purpose is, I was appointed for a job that fulfils just that.

Today, I’m a Chief Happiness & Wellbeing Officer at the Prime Minister’s Office in UAE. My passion is helping those around me to become better versions of themselves. In my journey, I worked on changing and introducing policies in my organization to better serve employees and their families. I’ve also established a full coaching program targeting young recruits. Most recently, and as part of the 2020 pandemic crisis plan, I’m leading a national Mental Health Support Line, a free 800 number for the public by those who may be suffering due to COVID19.

I feel so blessed I found my true calling in life. I am making it my mission to help others find theirs.

How did IE help you get to where you are today?

Being an IE alumni has been an a life chancing experience. During my studies, I had the pleasure of meeting wonderful people of different cultures and mindsets, and got to exposed to new ideas and experiences. This helped me see things under a new light that enriched my own perspective on life, and made be become a better version of who I am.

What drove you to work for a cause that believes in the greater good?

It is my belief that any positive change, can have a ripple effect to shape a better world for future generation.

In what way is your work impacting the world?

My work helps others discover their own ways of happiness and wellbeing.


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