Simon Abboud


Winner of the EPIC Awards 2020

"Challenge preconceptions and unleash the dreams that never were."

Responsible for Ventures | Real Estate & Construction AT Plug and Play Tech Center. MRED 2019.

Coming from a culturally diverse family, I have learnt to perceive life, from Belgium to Lebanon, through the passion of my hardworking parents; this was the cornerstone in becoming the inquisitive and ambitious individual I am today. As an architect and entrepreneur, I am passionate about cities, the physical representation of Humanity, and the evolution they have been undergoing through the ages. Today, more than ever, I aim to inspire a new generation of urban dwellers. As an anti-disciplinary leader, I fundamentally believe in the intrinsic reality that human-centrism, technological understanding, and public/private partnerships, are essential in developing a more inclusive, sustainable and resilient modern world.

How did IE help you get to where you are today?

One of IE strength is the calibre of its academic team. Being for the majority proven industry professionals in their everyday lives, they are also coming from a wide range of horizons offering a global perspective on topics of interest. Developing close relationships with those thought leaders, was key for me in understanding that we are all equal and colleagues, working together in the optic of a better future. This community feeling was reinforced at the university level as well, with the vibrance of its core, the international body of students. Through its numerous club initiatives, I got immersed in an ecosystem of interdisciplinary achievers coming together, inspiring each other, and moving mountains through the power of their will and motivation. This environment allowed me to fail fast, learn fast, and safely remain outside of my comfort zone for the whole period of my graduate studies, setting the scene for a life daring to dream.

What is the best advice you can give to a young individual starting his/her professional career?

Be committed, positive and passionate in everything you undertake. Train yourself in becoming curious, and involved in initiatives covering topics outside your comfort zone, as it is key to surfing a steep learning curve.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

With two-thirds of the world population projected to live in urban areas by 2050 (United Nations), cities will be playing an increasingly central role in our everyday lives. Accordingly, I am working hard to become by the end of the decade, a leading figure in the fields of Inclusive, Sustainable, and Smart Urban Developments, in order to actively take part in helping cities globally become more livable and competitive.


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