Global Advanced Management Program

Advanced Management Program
25 Jun 2018 - 5 Oct 2018
Face to face
Between one week an a month
€ 36,500


The Global Advanced Management Program has been designed specifically to prepare innovative business leaders for both personal and professional growth. You’ll receive dynamic leadership training designed to understand and disrupt our radically-changing world. Learn how to adapt your business to changes in technology, values, and ways of thinking. The Global AMP will expose you to the trends driving your industry while teaching you to weigh the challenges and opportunities these trends bring about, ensuring success as you build the next generation of your C-suite.


  • Participants will gain a new mindset that will transform the way they conduct business.
  • The Leadership Development Program sharpens leadership skills as participants practice effective team management.
  • The “Gamechangers Project” will result in an actionable plan focusing on your specific industry. Participants consider the future of their sector, suggest innovative strategies for competing in new markets, and design practical plans for implementing changes.

Next events


27 nov 2017

IE Coaching Day

C/ María de Molina, 7. D-101 18:30pm, Madrid, Spain, Español

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27 nov 2017

Marcos de Quinto: Apadrinamiento y conferencia del Programa de Dirección de Marketing

c/ María de Molina 15 (Aula Magna), Madrid 19pm, Madrid, Spain, Español

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28 nov 2017

What clients want and what clients measure

General Counsel and legal departments are no longer the only buyers of corporate legal services. Legal procurement is quickly gaining importance worldwide. In many corporations, legal services used to be largely exempt from the intense cost scrutiny other business units and functions have been facing for years.
But no longer: more and more major companies now have dedicated legal procurement personnel. Procurement compares and contrasts legal service suppliers and uses data and develops evidence-based rationale for major reductions in legal spending.
In this seminar, Dr. Silvia Hodges Silverstein, executive director of the international legal procurement association Buying Legal Council, explains what clients, in particular procurement professionals, are looking for and how they measure your and other firms.

Online 13pm, Online, Inglés

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28 nov 2017

Dark data analytics: the upcoming revolution for professional services

Accumulation of experience in organization is not always reflected in performance improvements, especially in complex professional services such as those of law firms. A novel opportunity to leverage past experience to improve customer service and back-office efficiency is to use dark data: data which organizations generate to support their business activities but fail to analyze for improvement purposes. Top companies worldwide are beginning to develop smart algorithms that leverage this data to support better decisions in serving customers and organizing their operations.
In this seminar, Dr. Fabrizio Salvador, Professor of Operations and Technology Management and Academic Director of Applied Research at IE Business School, IE University will explain (1) what is dark data (2) what can you learn from it (3) how your organizations needs to change to leverage dark data and (4) how you get started.

calle Castellón de la Plana 8 19pm, Madrid, Spain, Español

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