Global Advanced Management Program - Profile

Be the disrupter, not the disrupted

Who is this program designed for?

Highly-functional managers, with a clear professional trajectory, aspiring to become C-level top organizational leaders within multinational companies. Candidates may have around 10-15 years of professional experience and seek a dynamic program that offers practical solutions and managerial skills that will help them maintain an edge over the competition.

What does Global AMP offer participants?

  • Unmatched academic rigor and instruction from prestigious faculty members.
  • A personalised leadership coaching service called the Leadership Development Plan.
  • Strong focus on technology and how to adapt your business to best compete in the rapidly-changing market.
  • Learn the top techniques for innovative managers while learning to engage with the emerging market.
  • Combines technology, innovation, disruptive critical analysis and humanities.

Some of the organizations that have previously participated in this program

  • J.P.Morgan
  • Delata Partners
  • Capital Market Authourity, Saudi Arabia
  • IBM
  • RSA