Global Advanced Management Program - Program

Be the disrupter, not the disrupted

An innovative learning model

  • Small classes and workgroups maximize the exchange of knowledge and experience between participants.
  • Discuss real-world case studies and exchange best practices.
  • The Leadership Development Plan delivers personalized coaching sessions to improve leadership abilities.
  • Workshops are designed to develop managerial and leadership skills.
  • An innovative environment for personal reflection and growth.
  • Highly practical program with clear takeaways to implement in your company.

The various subjects that make up the Global AMP are divided into five modules, each one focused on an important aspect of the changing world of business and leadership. This is no traditional general management program. Participants will look holistically at the future of the business world and develop the skills to build an innovative vision as a cutting-edge leader.

Module 1: World Changing

  • AI, robotics, and machine learning.
  • Physical Resources: energy, rare metals, high-tech components, patented technologies.
  • Human resources: employment structures, training, health, retirement and ageing.
  • The impact of technological change on developing economies; security, crime, and the nature of conflict.
  • The social and economic reception of rapid high-tech change.

Objective: Make strategic decisions for your business based on the future trends predicted to drive the market.

Module 2: Market Shaping

  • Create new markets.
  • Consider both new and existing customers.
  • Rethink value.
  • Non-market strategies.
  • Markets as movements.

Objective: Improve how you engage with future customers, shape markets to your advantage, and ultimately develop a market map that can help focus your business to excel in future markets. 

Module 3: Disruptive Innovation

  • Creating market disruption.
  • Design thinking in action.
  • Business models to deliver concepts.
  • Accelerating impact.
  • Fast innovation.

Objective: learn how to turn the tables and become the disrupter by quickly developing insights and ideas and driving innovative strategies and business models that can be delivered in fast and efficient ways.

Module 4: Energizing Organisations

  • Create a winning strategy.
  • Strategically manage your decisions.
  • Make choices with a sustainable impact.
  • Align your company operations & resources.
  • Energize those around you.

Objective: Energize your organization, develop a strategy, and align financial and operational resources to deliver effective results.

Module 5: Amplified Leadership

  • Why are we intrigued by leadership?
  • Leading in a knowledge economy.
  • Authentic organizations.
  • Talent beacons.
  • Why should others follow you?

Objective: Learn to lead yourself, your teams and your business towards a common purpose. This inter-module program will help you turn ideas into decisions.