Global Scale Up Program - Program

Ready, Steady, Grow.

Module 1: Strategy

  • Poor strategy or no strategy: barriers to scaling for small and medium enterprises.
  • The 7 Facets Strategy.
  • The application of the One-Page Strategic Plan.

Module 2: Business Innovation

  • Design Thinking Workshop.
  • Lean Startup Tools.
  • Disruptive Innovation.
  • Business Model Innovation.

Module 3: Human Resources

  • Leading self: High Performance.
  • High-Performing Teams.
  • Managing Multicultural Teams.

Module 4: Operations

  • Scale and scaleups.
  • Exponentiality and growth.
  • Super scale me.

Module 5: Accounting & Finance

  • Financial Statements.
  • Cash Management for Growth.
  • Managerial Accounting.
  • “Power of One” – Critical KPI.
  • The 7 Levers of Cash.
  • Valuing Your Business.

Module 6: Marketing & Sales

  • Market sizing terminology.
  • Defining your target customers.
  • Estimating your addressable market share.
  • The importance and effects of pricing.
  • Psychology of Compliance.
  • Secrets of persuasion.
  • Practical ideas to boost your sales.
  • Pillars of success.
  • Clients’ decision process.
  • Need satisfaction and added value creation.
  • Pitch your value proposition.

Module 7: Governance for Scaling Up

  • Governance basics.
  • Family business.

A Liquid Learning Experience

At IE Business School Executive Education, we strive to provide an educational experience that works with the rhythm of high-performing professionals. Throughout our over 20 years as leaders in online learning, we have constantly sought to refine our approach. We have chipped away at the barriers that obstruct dynamic executives from discovering the latest best practices or gaining the tools to lead more effectively.