Owners Scale-up Blended Program

Your next step is not just to grow but to scale
Jun 19th - Oct 20th, 2023
6 weeks
Face to Face weeks:
Monday to Friday 9:00 -18:00
Self Paced Learning:
4 weeks
Face to face + Virtual
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Families in Business & Scaling Up

*The registration period for the program will close 7 calendar days before its start date.

*Complete your enrollment 15 days before the start of the program and gain access to our Foundations of Sustainability Online Learning Journey at no cost. Learn at your own pace through a variety of hand-picked resources.



Over the past decade, there has been a startup boom around the world. But with only 50% of startups surviving more than five years, it’s often the first ones to scale who gain the competitive advantage to grow into sector leaders, driving innovation and creating jobs.

With 40 years’ experience as a supportive stakeholder in the entrepreneurial ecosystem, at IE Business School we know just how challenging it is making the leap and scaling up in a complex and uncertain business landscape. That’s why we’ve created the Owners Scale-up Program, designed by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs to give you the insight and knowledge to grow your business, and the perspectives of other business owners who are facing the same challenge.

This is a unique program with a specific focus: to overcome the barriers to successful and sustainable scaling of your business. You’ll learn to understand when it’s time to scale up, how to objectively analyze your business processes, identify and address weaknesses, leverage your business’s strengths, manage resources strategically and reach your full potential. You’ll build a personalized plan to scale your business and sustain that growth, exchanging ideas and experiences with your peers and finding the solutions that work for you. Are you ready for the scaleup challenge?

Scaling-up with Joe Haslam & Daniel Corsten

  • For me the great benefit was spending time with other people taking on a similar challenge to myself. I learned from both the professors as well as from the other participants!

    Vivian Vendeirinho

    Founder and Managing Director RVE.SOL - Soluçoes de Energia Rural lda

Dare to think big, dare to drive exponential growth

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Pursue your ambitions

Take your business to new heights with a successful scale-up strategy. Gain practical, cutting-edge knowledge to scale up your business successfully, sustainably and for the long term. Drive revenue, grow your custom base and gain a competitive edge that lasts.

Implement innovation

Discover and implement innovative methodologies into different areas of your business. Practice Design Thinking and other creative ways to resolve complex problems.

Disrupt the market

Gain an edge on the competition by using new techniques to correctly allocate resources and forecast future trends. Disrupt with different financing and investment options such as Venture Capital, Private Equity and more.

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Lead with confidence

Adopt new management and leadership skills, guaranteeing that every team member is in line with the scale-up strategy. Accurately locate any weaknesses or bottlenecks and confidently determine if your business infrastructure is scalable for successful, profitable growth.

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Manage teams

Successfully manage team performance to meet objectives head-on and ensure that your scale-up timing is precise.

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Drive your business into a new growth phase

Network with expert professors and other business owners worldwide in a dynamic ecosystem designed to provoke discussion and spark new ideas. Share firsthand entrepreneurial experiences to gain insightful feedback on your own thoughts and concerns.

Startups vs. scaleups: Reaching new business heights

A startup tests your ideas; they’re about identifying your strengths and putting out fires. Scale-ups present a different opportunity to owners, requiring specialists to stay ahead of the curve. Scaling up is a chance to figure out your weaknesses and light some fires instead. The Owners Scale-up Program enables your business to grow sustainably in a complex and competitive economy.

Joe Haslam, Executive Director of the Owners Scale-up Program, has created this infographic to reflect on the differences between a startup and a scale-up, and explain what makes scale-ups ideal for businesses looking to generate wealth. So, what are your professional ambitions?

"In Manila, where my company is based, I felt that not enough people were challenging me, so I decided to fly to Madrid to meet with IE professors and alumni who had successfully scaled up a business. Completing the owner’s scale up program gave me the opportunity to rethink the way things were being managed in different areas of my company."
Mario Berta
Founder & CEO - Flyspaces
"When an offer was made for my business, it was the first time I realized that we had created something of value. We decided not to sell, but instead to scale-up on our own. That is why I joined the Owners Scale-Up Program. The valuable knowledge and skills that I have gained from this program has made the difference between my company wanting to grow and being actually prepared to grow."
Amaya Palomero
Co-founder and CFO – Fecron



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