High Impact Leadership - Program

Unlocking the Potential in Yourself and Others


This global learning environment allows participants to learn from one another and encourages personal growth through interaction with international faculty and other professionals who wish to become more effective and inspirational leaders.
Grounded in scientific and psychological theory, the High Impact Leadership Program offers participants a solid understanding of leadership at an individual, team, and organizational level. The program offers a dynamic and practical learning environment by combining interactive lectures, group exercises, individual assessment, case study, and experience sharing.


Discover the science behind emotions, the importance of self-regulation, the science of human connection, and the impact that emotions can have on your inner narrative, behaviour, and other team members. Lastly, you will practice scientifically-based techniques that rapidly help you experience safety, connection, and more energized relationships.


Explore practical frameworks and tools to build and lead teams effectively through leveraging individual strengths and aligning team members around shared goals. Become an authentic and inspiring team leader and learn how to integrate the science of positive psychology into your day to day. Additionally, you will learn to communicate positively and harness the power of constructive conflict in your team and organization.


This module will help you put your leadership skills to use for organization-wide success. You will become a more strategic leader and more confident decision maker as you learn to deal with complex and uncertain situations. You will learn simple techniques for dismissing biases and removing blind spots to help you make more rational decisions and ask better questions. Additionally, you will learn to promote a creative and innovative culture at work by learning to unlock and generate ideas.

A Liquid Learning Experience

At IE Business School Executive Education, we strive to provide an educational experience that works with the rhythm of high-performing professionals. Throughout our over 20 years as leaders in online learning, we have constantly sought to refine our approach. We have chipped away at the barriers that obstruct dynamic executives from discovering the latest best practices or gaining the tools to lead more effectively.