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High Impact Leadership

Start dateNovember 18th, 2024
DurationLess than a week
FormatFace to face
Tuition Fees€ 5,000
Start dateNovember 18th, 2024
DurationLess than a week
FormatFace to face
Tuition Fees€ 5,000


A combination of theory and frameworks drawn from science, psychology and corporate experience, this program invites managers to unlock their full potential as leaders by targeting their self-awareness and skills at three different levels: self, team, and organization.

By assessing the individual’s emotional DNA, innate leadership strengths, and personal biases, the program strives to create emotionally intelligent and strategic leaders who can achieve organization-wide success through the effective management of teams and the ability to make tactical decisions.

*The registration period for the program will close 7 calendar days before its start date.

*Complete your enrollment 15 days before the start of the program and gain access to our Foundations of Sustainability Online Learning Journey at no cost. Learn at your own pace through a variety of hand-picked resources.

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November 18th - 20th, 2024


9:00 - 18:00

Tools for Executive Coaching and Career Growth

Executive coaching is currently one of the most powerful personal development tools available, and it's common for it to be included in the leadership development plans of the most innovative organizations committed to their employees.

Participants in this program will receive an individual executive coaching process consisting of four sessions with a senior professional coach trained at IE and a member of the IECA (International Executive Coach Association).

During the sessions, the coach will accompany the coachee in exploring their strengths, obstacles, and areas for development, challenging them to grow as professionals. The focus will be on a specific goal chosen by the coachee, providing them with a suitable context to reflect on their career objectives. The price of the process is 600€.


The program also works in conjunction with the IE Leadership Pack, which is designed to provide support to all organizational levels. The IE Leadership Pack provides a strong foundation on which participants can hone their management skills, holistic thinking and strategic vision.


  • 01.

    Understand the science behind emotions and leverage them to become an authentic and inspiring leader.

  • 02.

    Practice scientifically based techniques to achieve immediate results.

  • 03.

    Recognize the individual strengths of your team members and learn how to align them around a common goal.

  • 04.

    Learn to make rational decisions in complex and uncertain situations.

  • 05.

    Learn how to unlock creativity and drive innovation.

  • 06.

    Grow alongside other executives from a wide array of markets and cultures.

    Siegfried Hoenle, Professor of High Impact Leadership
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    "It is a great tool for personal growth. It helps to improve and make better the day today work."

    Andrés L. Iriarte Gutiérrez

    Trina Solar, Spain


    Power your expertise and stay ahead of the game

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