Scale Up: How to successfully manage growth - Program

What will you learn

• Identify your situation in the startup to scale up stage, and adapt your company accordingly.
• Take advantage of risk and be able to run towards it, so you can also take advantage of one of the main drivers of successful scaling: exponentiality.
• Learn from other disciplines of management how growth occurs, and how to manage it.
• Create and manage the culture for your company. There’s always a culture, the question is whether you design it or it happens by accident.

Module 0: Introduction

Receive an overview of program expectations, schedule learning materials, and outputs. Review tips needed to lead to the successful completion of the course.

Module 1: Understanding Scale-Ups

All you need to know about making the separation from what you have done in the pre-growth stage, versus what you need to do in the scaleup phase and the mindset required.

Module 2: Product & Market

Understand how your company makes money and where to set your focus as you enter exponential growth. Understand how companies like Zappos have identified the importance of customer service and shifted it from a cost-driver into a source of competitive advantage.

Module 3: Operations and Execution

After generating the demand, learn how to fulfil orders and keep your growth in order from an operations standpoint to help you increase profits. Identify useful dashboards and KPIs to measure, and discover a new way of thinking of venture capital.

Module 4: Culture and Team

All companies have cultures, whether designed by the founders or formed in a vacuum. Know what to keep in mind to make the best use of your company’s culture.

Module 5: A Look into the Future

Discover useful resources to continue your learning journey.

A Liquid Learning Experience

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