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October 25th 2017


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Pave the Way for Innovation in Your Workplace

Leading Innovation is aimed at executives keen on guiding their company through today’s increasingly volatile global economy. Provided with a framework for making robust, strategic agendas, learners will acquire the knowledge and skill set needed to allow them to see uncertainty as opportunity and craft high-level portfolios of strategic options that have a higher chance of yielding success.

Program Overview

This course explores a framework for making strategic agendas more robust amid uncertainty, which require leadership to thrive forward. Scenario craft will force you to take stock of your assumptions and consider alternative options in the future as well as enable you to overcome critical uncertainties and better assess the various ways a market can evolve. As you progress, you will gain an insight into the various degrees of leadership that allows innovation to be harnessed and nurtured in organizations.
What will you learn during the program?

Understand the most common and problematic challenges businesses face today.

Gain insights to various degrees of leadership that encourage innovation.

Recognize uncertainties and turn them into alternative futures and opportunities.

Gain a greater visibility into the ways a competitive landscape can evolve.

Craft high-level portfolios of strategic options that have a better chance of yielding success.

Program Modules

Module 1: Understanding Critical Uncertainties of Today & How to Cluster Uncertainties as Opportunities for Organizational Discovery

Module 2: How to Build Innovation-Driven Enterprises

Module 3: What is Collaborative Innovation and How Can We Craft It?

Module 4: Social Intelligence

Module 5: Thinking By Design and Design Thinking

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