Soft Skills to Encourage Innovating Environments

Soft Skills to Encourage Innovating Environments 2000x1131

Given the need to create more innovation-friendly organizational environments, businesses are increasingly turning their attention to soft skills. Advances in technological evolution, process automation and robotization have all highlighted the importance of other, intrinsically human, skills, such as empathy and creativity. By concentrating on fostering these personal skills and capacities and preserving and cultivating human talent, an environment can be created that better fosters innovation. And this is true not only in start-ups, but also in larger organizations. In this podcast, Balvinder Singh Powar, Professor at IE Business School, Board Member at Booster Space Industries, and CCO at Aerdron, looks at the importance of soft skills and some of the ways of creating an ecosystem that will enable organizations of the future to advance more rapidly.


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