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Our Talent & Careers Department is here to help you kick-start your career. Whatever your destination, we’ll be there with you every step of the way. What’s more, as our graduates have unlimited access to our resources throughout their careers, you can count on our support as you achieve success. We are proud to provide companies all around the world with only the very best — our #IETalent.

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Make lasting connections with the sector’s top firms

IE Law School maintains close working relationships with leaders in the legal community. More than 200 major law firms and multinational companies recognize IE Law School’s educational excellence, making our students their first choice.

Thanks to our professional contacts, 100% of our MAB students and 99% of IE Law School students are now part of major legal firms and consultancies in the sector.

Kick-start your career

Ready to take the next step on your career path? The IE Talent & Careers Department provides all the advice and resources you need for future success.
The department also offers a wide range of services to help you achieve your goals and guarantee a successful professional projection, while putting you in touch with businesses seeking talented individuals that can drive success in their sector.

Career Education

When competing in a global, innovative and constantly evolving job market it is essential that you develop a personal, coherent and professional brand that makes you stand out in a crowd of your competitors. IE Talent & Careers Department organizes workshops and sessions designed to help you with CV and cover-letter writing, interview preparation and salary negotiation. These opportunities are designed to provide you with the resources you will need to promote your personal and professional brand.

Career Advice

IE Talent & Careers Department offers personalized counseling and Drop-in sessions with experts from a range of sectors to help you plan a professional career path that’s in line with your interests and goals.

Recruiter Relations

We aim to put you in contact with the companies and firms that best fit your profile and professional objectives by identifying the relevant skills and competencies that recruiters from each sector and region are searching for.
To get you in touch with these fantastic companies, we organize presentations, interviews and internships with top recruiters. You’ll also have access to our jobs board where you can find exciting job openings. What’s more, our students are invited to participate in our annual Law School Talent Forum, where you’ll have the chance to network with other young talent in the legal sector as well as professionals from Spain’s most prominent law firms.

Our Ambassadors

IE’s history is full of great stories that deserve to be told. We are extremely proud of all of our graduates. Their perseverance and success is a source of inspiration for us. These IE ambassadors make up 60,000 managers and innovators working to affect real change in over 160 countries around the world. It is their innovative and entrepreneurial mindset, global spirit and humanitarian awareness that drives their work. These are our ambassadors.


Your journey at IE does not end at graduation; as IE alumni, you are an integral part of our family and we aim to help guide you at every stage of your professional journey.
IE Global Alumni Relations wishes to accompany alumni for life as they explore their unique path towards success, providing relevant services to maximize their networking opportunities, career progression and lifelong learning.


Discover and connect to IE alumni and students around the world in the IE Alumni Directory. You can reconnect with your classmates and search by city, sector, and more. Update your profile as well and keep the IE network strong!

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IE for Life is a suite of benefits designed to give back to our alumni with exclusive ongoing education, career, and networking resources. Whether you are looking for your next job opportunity, to reconnect with the IE community, or going “back to school”, you may tap into many resources for your unique needs.

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