Digital Strategies for Business - Program

Creating Value through Technology

MODULE 1: Understanding the Digital Revolution

The digital revolution is one of today’s most debated topics, driving managers to think about the future of their organizations. In this module, use insights from a Grupo Santander cybersecurity expert and examples from companies to analyze the digital revolution by breaking it down into manageable dimensions. Learn about the impact digital technology has on people, business, industries and societies, and about the challenges traditional businesses face with the emergence of Digital Giants.

MODULE 2: Moving Towards Customer Centricity

In the age of digital disruption, it is more important than ever for companies to focus on the customer. Most successful businesses in the digital world, like Amazon, prioritize the customer by interacting and listening carefully to their needs. With professional insights from an expert in mass customization and a 5G expert from Ericsson Spain, this module explores the different tools used to understand customers and help companies deliver better products, services and experiences as a result.

MODULE 3: Achieving Business Impact with Data

The emerging digital era has enabled companies to access different types of customer data and transform it into real value. Capturing the most value from potential data begins with gathering, identifying and storing that data, and using technology to analyze and visualize it. With insights from an expert in data science and visualization, this module is an introduction to data and the potential solutions for achieving actionable results.

MODULE 4: From Data to Knowledge

The ultimate goal of any expedition into the “data cosmos” is to make better decisions within organizations to find the most efficient ways to collect data and transform it into knowledge—Artificial Intelligence has become a very prominent tool in this domain. This module explores the power of AI in its different forms including cognitive systems, robotics, automation and machine learning. Renowned Futurist Gerd Leonhard has shared his insights with IE on the Technology vs. Humanity debate.

MODULE 5: Structuring Businesses for the Future

Traditional business models are obsolete. In a highly competitive environment, it is essential to implement digital strategies in order to keep up. Today, information technology is a critical infrastructure on which corporations depend—not only to execute operations but also to discover business opportunities. This final module takes today’s net-centric environment into account, focusing on the role digital technologies play in strategic and tactical decisions that transform businesses.

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