Senior Leadership Program

Senior Leadership Program

Start dateMay 19th, 2024
Duration5 months
LocationRiyadh, Madrid
Tuition Fees€18,900
Start dateMay 19th, 2024
Duration5 months
LocationRiyadh, Madrid
Tuition Fees€18,900


We live in a constantly changing world where economic, social, environmental and geopolitical uncertainties have reshaped our expectations of leadership. In today’s dynamic, interconnected business landscape, modern senior leaders must be visionary, adaptable and agile to confidently steer organizations toward growth.

Our Senior Leadership Program is designed for ambitious executives and senior professionals ready to build the knowledge, attitude and leadership skills required for success in the face of today’s challenges. In a uniquely international experience, this executive program promises to transform you into a high-performing senior leader adept at harnessing emerging technologies, anticipating the future and inspiring global, cross-cultural teams to realize optimal results.

Part of your program journey will take you to the groundbreaking IE Center for Leadership Development and Innovation in the Middle East. Launched in a unique partnership between the Royal Commission for Riyadh City (RCRC) and IE University, it is our first center outside Europe and the first of its kind in the region. There, you will sharpen your technical expertise and refine your skill set with specialized training in leadership, innovation, entrepreneurship, creativity and sustainability. Just as importantly, you will develop in-depth regional insights firsthand, all the while honing your eye for exciting growth opportunities in emerging markets.

This is a new era of leadership; one that embraces transformation, innovation and purpose. By completing this executive program, you will be well-equipped to ride the waves of uncertainty as you navigate a complex, shifting ecosystem. In the end, you will emerge ready to create resilient, forward-thinking organizations that set the standard for leadership excellence in in demanding times.


The IE Admissions Department values exceptional talent, recognizing its potential to be the driving force behind the next chapter of change in the business world. We have an exclusive opportunity for ambitious professionals, allowing them to learn how to best navigate uncertainty and achieve optimal results within their organization. Joining our world-class institution positions individuals as leaders of innovation amidst our challenging business landscape.

Process your application before April 20th, 2024 for additional benefits and find out how your leadership skills can shape the future of business.

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Opening: May 19th, 2024.

  • Face-to-face sessions Riyadh: May 19th - 24th, 2024. IE Center for Leadership Development and Innovation in the Middle East.
  • Period 2 (Online): June - September 2024
  • Period 3 (Residential Madrid): September 22nd - 25th, 2024


Residential period: Sunday to Friday 9:00 - 19:30 (CET)

Agnieszka Jermolowicz

Agnieszka Jermolowicz

Associate Director of Admissions Executive Education


If you need further information about the program, please contact us.


Develop foresight

to align investment decisions with global business megatrends and manage reward risks accordingly.

Build resilience

with the know-how to pinpoint emerging opportunities through aligned strategies and new growth levers.

Expand your influence

and make your mark with stakeholders to drive impact and create greater value for your organization.

Become a high-performer

who leverages the new models of leadership to re-energize teams, boost productivity and achieve shared goals.

Grow your global network

among peers driving solutions in top-level roles across industries and sectors, and cement strategic partnerships for the future.

Why is the Senior Leadership Program right for you?


Inform your strategy with the latest insights

Effective leadership isn’t just about tackling today's problems but seeing the challenges of the future—and making a plan to address them. The Senior Leadership Program will arm you with a deep understanding of the business landscape and give you the keys to influence and impact in your teams, organization and beyond.


A result-oriented approach

The Senior Leadership Program adopts a practical approach to learning that prioritizes results. Master strategies that will help you transform an organization’s purpose and mission statement into tangible, real-world outcomes while learning how to define, implement and monitor metrics that support your goals.


Join a valuable global network

In this program, you will study alongside like-minded peers with years of experience in different leadership roles. Consequently, you will accumulate unique perspectives and insights informed by real-world scenarios and gain effective strategies for long-term success.


Guided by the experts

At IE Business School, our faculty comprises seasoned practitioners and academics who are recognized as some of the best in the world. Immerse yourself in a vibrant ecosystem that celebrates rigor and excellence.


One program, two locations

Reignite your leadership career in Madrid, one of the fastest-growing financial hubs in Europe, and in the Saudi capital of Riyadh, considered by many as the next frontier of business.



As an IE alumni you are part of our community, and we want to support your passion for Lifelong Learning. Therefore, all IE alumni receive 25%* off tuition fees for all Executive Education programs.

*Alumni from Intensive Programs (less than a week duration), Summer Schools or High Impact Online Programs will receive 15% off.

Neither scholarship is compatible with other deductions.


At IE, we are committed to encouraging companies to enroll teams of their employees. We believe this allows them to explore new perspectives together and speak a shared language of change.

Companies that sign a Corporate Agreement are eligible for a 15% off the tuition fee for Executive Education programs for group of employees. Additional services and support may also be available for a Corporate Partner Agreement. Neither scholarship is compatible with other deductions.

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