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Antonio Pérez Fritsch

About me

I’m an executive with over 24 years of experience in industrial operations, production, maintenance, quality, H&S, research and development, logistics, and family companies in the food sector, as well as in multinational companies. After getting my degree in chemical engineering, I specialized in improving the efficiency and quality of production processes, formulating and developing products, and controlling manufacturing costs. I decided to take the Senior Management Program (SMP) in today’s uncertain times because I didn’t want to miss out on the opportunity to round out my management education and to prepare myself for the challenges of the future.

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case2Director of Strategy and Operational Efficiency at Torrubiano & Asociados
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"Now I feel more prepared to take on broader challenges in the management field."

Antonio Pérez Fritsch

Antonio Pérez Fritsch offers consulting services to companies from an operational standpoint, focusing on business strategy.

Why did you decide to further your education at IE?

I decided to take the SMP program at IE for several reasons. First, I wanted to round out my education with a course that would provide me with a holistic, comprehensive perspective on modern management. Additionally, I was looking to expand my network of contacts by meeting other professionals whose experience and contributions could enrich my own. It was an opportunity I couldn’t let pass me by. Lastly, it was very appealing to me to be part of a community at a prestigious institution like IE and the value that provides to your personal brand.

Do you think that your time at IE has changed your focus in your career?

Without a doubt, the training I received through explanations from the diverse faculty who are so competent in their fields, the group projects, and the personal work focused on developing leadership have helped broaden the approach that I was looking for. Now I feel more prepared to take on broader challenges in the management field and interact with other professionals. I’ve grown not only professionally but also personally, as it is all connected.

What is your current professional status?

I currently provide consulting services to companies, focused on operations and business strategy. This involves consulting activities, interim management, consulting for boards of directors or management committees, and teaching at management schools. My goal is to contribute to excellence in management by teaching the knowledge and skills I’ve had the opportunity to acquire during my professional career. I want to give back to society what I’ve been lucky enough to access and achieve.

What is the most valuable lesson you learned during the program? Do you have any inspiring stories you’d like to share with your classmates?

Not only the knowledge received, but how it is integrated to generate a new mindset is the key to achieving success. The way we understand and address the challenges in our current complicated, uncertain environment, whether you want to call it VUCA or BANI, requires this broad, flexible approach. Staying up to date, flexibility, and adaptation are the concepts that most resonated with me during this educational experience.

When I reflect on my own professional development experience, I see that the purpose that has always guided me in the companies where I have provided my services has been to provide value at the organization, either by improving the current situation or by creating products, processes, organizational systems, or human teams from scratch. This constant attitude has driven me to continue to further myself, complementing my work with the appropriate, quality training. Today I still think this is the right path and what changes or, better put, evolves, is the approach of how to implement it from now on. An expansive, collaborative professional stage in which you value everything you’ve acquired and its possible contributions.