Sustainable Mindset Chain of Change.

Companies are dealing with a complexity of social, legal, environmental and technological changes that are unprecedented and require a sophisticated, sustainability-based strategy and innovative approach. They need to put sustainability at the core of the business.

At IE Lifelong Learning, we believe that a strategy and mindset focused on sustainability is essential for organizations to answer the growing pressure from stakeholders. It is moreover critical to stay competitive and to achieve and sustain growth, because doing good can lead organizations to do well.

IEXL is committed to leading this paradigm shift by offering innovative programs that guide professionals and their organizations on their sustainability journey and that advocate for the UN Sustainable Development Goals. The topic will be incorporated in our programs, events will be conducted that promote this shift in mindset; and collaborations will be established with faculty experts and other organizations that work toward this same goal.


Sustainability: Your Competitive Advantage Program

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Executive Program on Corporate Social Responsibility

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Transformation with Purpose Bootcamp

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Hacking Growth with Purpose Program with YPO

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Strategic Leadership for Humanitarian Security Program

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Women on Boards, Africa with WIMBIZ

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International Program for Financial Institutions’ Executives: Development Banks in the New Normal with ICO

Global Advanced Management Program and Global Senior Management Program – Sustainability module

Women in Leadership Program

The Global Renewable Energy Business Program

IE Alumni Appreciation Event: Sustainability at the Core

Luxury, Communications, and Real Estate Programs – Sustainability module

Talent Management in the Digital Era Program – “The Green World” challenge: sustainable job environment


World Vision and EISF

World Vision is a humanitarian aid, development, and advocacy organization that works in education, child protection, disaster management, and economic development.

EISF is an NGO network for security focal points and is a global center of excellence for humanitarian security risk management.

With World Vision and EISF, we have designed and launched the Strategic Leadership for Humanitarian Security Program, a program to harness the leadership and management skills of security professionals working in non-government, non-profit organizations.


WIMBIZ is a Nigerian non-profit organization working to inspire and empower women to attain leadership roles in Management, Business and Public Service. Together with WIMBIZ, we conduct the Women on Boards – Africa program that helps better prepare African women for positions on boards.


ICO is the Spanish Government’s Public Bank and Financial Agency that promotes economic activities that contribute to the country’s growth and development, as well as to the improvement of national wealth distribution. With ICO, we hold the International Program for Financial Institutions’ Executives where topics such as financial sustainability are discussed with development organization leaders.


At IEXL, we believe all people should be allowed to reach their full potential, and we strive to eliminate the economic barriers our students may encounter. Thanks to our agreements with various institutions: generous contributions of alumni, private companies and non-profit organizations, and financial institutions like Bankia, BBVA and Santander, IE students have access to scholarships and financial aid, as well as loans with very favorable terms, to help finance their education.