The School

Redefining design education

IE School of Architecture and Design redefines design education based on pedagogical and technological innovation,  project-based learning and environmental responsibility. In an international and entrepreneurial environment, the IE School of Architecture and Design seeks to bridge the traditional gaps between academia and the professional world and to connect architecture and design with the broader society.

Create meaningful environments

Architecture and design can be global and local at the same time. Understanding global challenges while focusing on a user-centered design approach is key.

Academic excellence

Nurturing the entrepreneurial spirit in future leaders.

To be a top school means striving for excellence in many ways. The people who make up our School are outstanding academics and professionals,  with a love of teaching, who are also experienced professionals in diverse roles. They are always seeking new ways of sharing and creating knowledge.  Our use of technology for teaching and also for experimenting, as in our FabLab, means new ideas, flexibility and keeping up to date with the latest developments in the field.

Diverse, Innovative, Multidimensional

IE School of Architecture and Design, one of five schools within IE University, believes that diversity contributes to the educational experience in important ways. We take pride in the fact that 65% of our students are coming from abroad, representing more than 100 nationalities on campus and more than 50% of the student body of the School of Architecture and Design are women. All our educational programs pursue a connection between academics and the real world. Innovative learning methods, the latest technologies and learning across disciplines are keys to relevant and meaningful education.

Our Mission

Our School is an innovative, international institution, which embraces expanding roles for architecture and design to meet the challenges of today and tomorrow.

Our vision

We believe that architects and designers are unique professionals who can see opportunities where others see obstacles. They can approach problems with an understanding of many viewpoints and by using their multiple techniques and tools, they can envision the future.  This ability to understand space and imagine things in three dimensions differentiates designers from other professionals.  However,  it is not sufficient to envisage future projects and designs, one must be able to sustainably bring them to fruition.  We often work in teams and through the process of analizing, testing, refining,  innovating and testing  again, we are able to come with the best, sustainable solutions.

About IE School of Architecture and Design