Fab Lab

Our Fab Lab

This pioneering space is located on our Segovia campus, surrounded by medieval brick arches and stone walls. Originally a kitchen and pantry, the converted 12th-century Santa Cruz la Real monastery is an unparalleled architectural and fully functional environment where our students can discover the strength of their design ideas.

Our Fab Lab has two main parts that perfectly complement one another. The digital fabrication area is replete with cutting-edge design software where they can create digital files of their projects. Then, thanks to state-of-the-art machinery like CNC routers, laser cutters, and 3D printers, students are able to produce physical objects from these files.

The other section houses a more traditional workshop, with an extensive range of woodworking tools, ceramics, and casting materials. In this way, both digital and analog techniques and processes can be seamlessly merged to create more effective models and prototypes.

As Architecture Professor and Fab Lab assistant Maxon Higbee, puts it:

“We aim to adapt to the needs of the students by offering relevant workshops and materials while also trying to anticipate their needs through providing new equipment and introducing new techniques. We do this in order to keep learning and growing as a community of makers.”

Fab Lab | IE School of Architecture & Design
Fab Lab | IE School of Architecture & Design