Master in Architectural Management and Design Bridging the gap between advanced design and business management in the field of architecture

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The Master in Architectural Management and Design bridges the gap between advanced design and the essential management skills needed to succeed in the architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) industry today.




13 months




Madrid - London - Online


Blended (Face-to-face periods in Madrid and London, plus Interactive online classes)



Throughout the history of architecture there has been a general consensus that the best designs are those created by artists who are not bound by the many constrains of business and the real world. Contemporary architecture has proven, however, that excellence of design, although necessary, is not quite enough to ensure success. Most architects are entrepreneurs and vocational designers who need a specific management toolkit to build the career they want. In response to this scenario, the IE School of Architecture and Design has launched the Master in Architectural Management and Design in collaboration with IE Business School, a program that addresses the design implication of business decisions.


Students must fulfill the following requirements to be able to request the issuance of the Official University Degree upon completion of the Master Program.


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Dear Prospective Student,

One of the most exciting and promising conditions of our time is change. The world grows and innovates faster than ever before, pushed by leading companies, teams and individuals. Design in general, the architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) fields, and many other related ones are experiencing deep transformations at all levels.

Traditional and widely accepted models of design production used to put little attention on anything beyond the act of designing and its direct implications. Today, our impact as professionals increasingly depends on our understanding across disciplines, innovation-driven dynamics and team structures, value creation and communication, finance and strategy, and technology as the basis of business model generation. As outstanding professionals, your companies will perhaps be the most complex and essential design of your lives.

The Master in Architectural Management and Design –MAMD– is specifically oriented to create leaders in this context. Close collaboration between IE Business School and the School of Architecture & Design brings together entrepreneurial spirit and world-class expertise in management and strategy, with excellence in design.

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10 reasons to join the MAMD

The belief that cutting-edge design can only come from architects who remain untouched by the constraints of business or finance is now obsolete.

The Venture Lab

During the final term, students of the Master in Architectural Management and Design develop their final project in the Venture Lab.

They integrate much of the material covered throughout the entire program, and through their own research, discussions and creativity, they shape and plan new business ventures. Preparing, writing, and presenting a business plan is a useful final project, not only for those who are looking to launch their own businesses but also for those who perform any management role that demands opportunity identification and execution.

A special panel of experienced professionals gives valuable feedback on each project. Many of our students have even taken a step further and put into practice the business venture they developed during this program, turning ideas into reality.

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