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Embark on Excellence: Unveiling Our Unique Methodology!

The Language Center at IE University it's a dynamic hub where innovation meets education. We take pride in offering an immersive and practical approach to language learning, ensuring that our students are well-prepared for real-world communication.

With a focus on flexible programs, we design our courses to meet your unique needs and interests. What sets us apart is our commitment to leveraging cutting-edge technology and learning platforms, providing a modern and engaging learning environment.

Whether you're a beginner or looking to enhance your language skills, our dedicated faculty and diverse range of extracurricular activities make the language learning journey at IE University an unforgettable experience. Join us and unlock the door to a world of linguistic and cultural possibilities!

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innovative technological tools

The Language Center utilizes the latest technology in language learning to guarantee an individualized learning experience. Our specialized resources allow students to progress at their own pace according to their needs and understanding, while at the same time making learning interactive and hands-on.

Reasons to Join the Language Center at IE University

Exceptional Quality of Instruction

Immerse yourself in top-notch language education delivered by our expert faculty at IE University. We maintain the highest standards to ensure you receive an education that aligns with industry benchmarks.

Real-World Language Learning

Immerse yourself in language beyond the classroom through practical learning. Engage in extracurricular activities like on-campus cultural events, coffee & conversation practices, and guided city visits. Our goal is to make language learning immersive and enjoyable.

Innovative Learning with Technology

Step into the future of language education with our state-of-the-art technology and platforms. Embrace interactive lessons leveraging technology to enhance your language learning experience. Stay connected, stay inspired!

Career Launchpad

Your journey with us is a stepping stone to a world of professional opportunities. Explore success stories from alumni who have leveraged their language skills across various industries. At IE University, we don't just teach languages; we empower you for a successful and globally connected future.

Curious about the vibrant world within IE University's Language Center?


Explore IE University's Language Center through an exclusive video presentation, revealing dynamic activities, insightful testimonials, and compelling reasons to join our esteemed language community. Embark on a journey beyond the classroom, where diverse extracurricular activities shape a holistic language learning experienc

Extracurricular activities: using language in natural contexts  

Our goal is to guide students in the most effective approach to language acquisition, which includes applying core linguistic skills to a variety of topics, such as art, music, cinema, theater, politics, gastronomy, philosophy, literature, pop culture and sports. We also facilitate students’ exposure to natural contexts where they can expand on the skills acquired in class.

Students can attend weekly extracurricular activities that delve into the experiential aspects of language acquisition. These consist of guided city tours of Madrid and Segovia, conversation practice over coffee and cultural activities.

Here are some of the activities our students have participated in:

IE Students during a tea ceremony
Arabic calligraphy workshop  with IE students
IE students during a guided visit
IE students during a walking tour
IE students in a Music concenrt


If you would like to participate in the activities, you need to register for them in advance.

Languages at IE University

Languages have the power to open new doors and widen our perspectives. Learning a different language allows us to acquire new skills, explore different cultures and connect with people of diverse backgrounds. Building this open mindset is crucial both for the international community that makes up IE University and for the globalized world we live in.

We provide training in a variety of languages so that our students can personalize their academic paths to meet their future career plans and objectives. Our classes include:


Beginner | Intermediate | High-intermediate | advanced


Beginner | Intermediate | HIGH-INTERMEDIATE | advanced


Beginner | Intermediate | advanced


Beginner | Intermediate | advanced


Beginner | Intermediate | advanced


Beginner | Intermediate | advanced

The IE Writing Center

For students who wish to polish their English writing skills, our team of Fulbright Scholarship English teaching assistants is here to help. Effective written communication skills are essential not only for excelling in university assignments but also for preparing cover letters, personal statements and CVs.

IE Students with a computer at IE Tower
two students with a professor at IE Tower

Service for the IE Community  

In addition to supporting students, the Language Center organizes English and Spanish courses for incoming IE University faculty members and staff. During their first year, full-time professors are offered lessons in Spanish to facilitate their transition to the country. Familiarity with the local language and culture helps our faculty integrate into the IE Community and settle into their new home.

Meet our team of Language professors

Our faculty is dedicated to guiding students on a transformative journey of linguistic exploration. With passion and commitment, they create an engaging environment where students thrive in their pursuit of multilingual proficiency.

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Annikki Einsele

To future IE graduates, I encourage you to embrace language learning as a lifelong skill. It's not just about communication; it's about understanding the nuances of different cultures, a skill that will set you apart in an increasingly interconnected and globalized professional landscape. Your ability to navigate and appreciate linguistic diversity will be a valuable asset in any career path you choose.

Zukünftige IE-Absolventen möchte ich ermutigen, das Erlernen von Sprachen als eine lebenslange Fähigkeit zu betrachten. Es geht nicht nur um Kommunikation, sondern auch darum, die Nuancen verschiedener Kulturen zu verstehen - eine Fähigkeit, die Sie in einer zunehmend vernetzten und globalisierten Berufswelt auszeichnen wird. Ihre Fähigkeit, sich in der sprachlichen Vielfalt zurechtzufinden und sie zu schätzen, wird sich in jeder Karriere, die Sie einschlagen, als wertvoll erweisen.

Annikki Einsele

German Professor

A woman with long dark hair wearing sunglasses and a colorful sundress smiles on a street with bright flowers in the background.

Studying a language means discovering a new world, it helps us to see others and their way of thinking and living better. It allows us to expand our horizons and grow as people. There's no downside to learning, we only stand to gain!

Estudar um idioma é descobrir um mundo novo, nos ajuda a ver melhor o outro e sua forma de pensar e viver. Possiblita-nos expandir nossos horizontes e crescer como pessoa. Não há nenhuma desvantagem em aprender, só temos a ganhar!

Rejane Queiroz

Portuguese Professor

Black and white portrait of a bearded man wearing glasses and a light shirt, looking at the camera.

Learning languages opens you up to a universe of cultures. Spanish is the second most spoken language in the world, with over 460 million native speakers.

Aprender idiomas te abre a un universo de culturas. El español es la segunda lengua más hablada en el mundo, con más de 460 millones de personas como hablantes nativos.

Jesús del Valle

Spanish Professor

A woman in a green sweater and black headscarf smiles for a photo, with a tall building visible in the background through the window.

Learn Arabic, one of the most demanded languages in the world

إحــدى اللغـات الأكثر طلبا في العالم

Djalila Chaib

Arabic Professor

li ya huang

Learning Chinese makes your career more competitive. Some students got the opportunity to work in China because they knew Chinese.

学习中文让你的职业生涯更有竞争力. 有学生因为会中文所以取得外派至中国工作的机会

Li Ya, Huang

Chinese Professor

eugenie dehouck

Learning a language also allows us to better rediscover our own language and understand a culture that is foreign to us. This is precisely what I feel when I learn a language or when I teach my language. Questioning yourself, trying to understand the rules, laughing, sometimes getting discouraged, progressing... These are all enriching stages in the process of learning a language.

Apprendre une langue nous permet également de mieux redécouvrir notre propre langue et d’appréhender une culture qui nous est étrangère. C’est justement ce que je ressens quand j’apprends une langue ou lorsque j’enseigne ma langue. S’interroger, comprendre pourquoi, rire, se décourager parfois, progresser sont autant d’étapes enrichissantes dans l’apprentissage d’une langue.

Eugénie Dehouck

French Professor

ana dotras

My recommendation to students is to enjoy learning languages because in the future knowledge of different languages will be both very valuable in their professional lives and a source of pleasure in their personal lives.

Mi recomendación a los estudiantes es que disfruten aprendiendo idiomas porque, en el futuro, el conocimiento de diferentes lenguas será muy valioso tanto en su vida profesional como una fuente de placer en su vida personal

Ana M. Dotra

English Professor

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