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IE University has become a world pioneer in higher education over its 50-year history, delivering innovative and interdisciplinary teaching with an entrepreneurial emphasis to a hugely diverse student body.

At IE School of Humanities, diversity, technology and global vision are more than just assets; they’re part of the very fabric of our institution. We offer a cosmopolitan experience that fosters a global mindset and the building of international networks and provides exposure to different worldviews on philosophy, history, the arts, culture and the human experience.

IE School of Humanities is different: our programs are designed especially to be relevant to the 21st century. We’re ready to confront the challenges posed by humanity’s relationship with technology and each other with lasting actions for a better tomorrow.

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Our one-of-a-kind school, as described by Manuel Muñiz

Manuel Muñiz, Head of IE School of Humanities, explains how tech’s huge impact on the human experience means that the way we understand the world will continue to change, just as it always has. However, we’re now entering a total paradigm shift in the way we understand the human experience. That, he says, is what makes the school so essential.


Through the lens of the humanities, we are able to make better-informed decisions and take action to determine our future. The rapid advancement of emerging technologies now demands that individuals possess a knowledge base and toolkit to rapidly respond to challenges with long-term vision and an enduring critical approach. As humans are achieving more than we could have imagined possible just a few years ago, we cannot hope to grasp the present and shape the future without understanding our past.

That’s what IE School of Humanities was founded for. Already one of IE University’s four key values the humanities provide us with a foundation for the critical thinking and reflection that must inform our actions if we’re to make a lasting difference in the future. Innovative, multidisciplinary, highly analytical and action-driven programs will provide the content, resources, insight and tech competencies students need to achieve professional success and make a positive societal impact.

This is IE School of Humanities

Rigorous and comprehensive study, bridging the gap between the time-honored disciplines of the humanities and applicable contemporary tools, for a holistic view of humanity and technology as we move forward.


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Where the humanities and technology intersect

Our programs provide a profound understanding of the core humanities disciplines such as history, literature, linguistics, sociology or anthropology, as well as the arts and philosophy. But they complement these with technical skills, reflecting the way in which technology increasingly intersects with the arts and humanities: for example, the synergy between natural language processing and linguistics, or the use of generative AI.

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A completely novel approach to long-standing disciplines

We take an entirely new approach to the humanities to provide an education with no expiration date. Our focus on actionable learning embraces the digital, provides a global perspective, and delivers the quantitative tools that empower tomorrow’s leaders to understand, address and overcome complex challenges. You’ll integrate what you learn at IE School of Humanities into your career and your life.

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Our unique new methodology

If the idea of a school for the humanities sounds slightly different in the modern age, that’s because it is. Our whole approach, bringing the humanities together with cutting-edge tech in a contemporary and interdisciplinary context, is different. If you’re looking to acquire key skills for any industry that blend critical thinking, creativity and innovation, communication, intercultural sensitivity, problem-solving and foresight, ethics and integrity with the latest hard skills in tech, this is the place.

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Pioneers and world leaders in the humanities

The humanities have long been a core value of IE University—it’s part of our DNA. That´s why our students have always been immersed in a humanistic ecosystem that reaches beyond the classroom. With current cultural events, off-campus visits and experiences, and humanities awards already permanent fixtures on our calendar, IE School of Humanities is a natural extension of a value that’s always been important to us, and to our entire community.



Top global partners

IE University and UNESCO have established a collaboration built on areas of common interest, such as the ethics of AI and the social ramifications of digital transformation and innovation. Recognizing the pivotal role of humanities in grappling with these complex issues, the IE School of Humanities and UNESCO jointly engage in a range of academic initiatives to empower students to apply their skills and knowledge in real-world contexts.

This dynamic collaboration takes shape through activities such as interactive sessions, talks with distinguished guest speakers, capstone projects or mentorships, as well as the organization of career-development internships, competitions, and educational trips. By combining their efforts, the IE School of Humanities and UNESCO come together to produce the leaders of the future.


IE Foundation Prizes in the Humanities

Held every year, the IE Foundation Prizes in the Humanities celebrate the humanistic vision of the IE Community. Awarded for written or audiovisual works created and submitted by students, alumni, faculty and staff, the prizes are another symbol of the importance and timelessness of the humanities for the entire IE Community.



At IE University, the humanities are one of our key values and an integral part of our academic offering to all our students. Offering relevant activities and bringing renowned speakers to our community, both face-to-face and online, our widespread outreach is further recognition of the long-standing and continuing relevance of the humanities, both now and in the future.


Extracurricular opportunities

Learning, particularly in the humanities, takes place as much outside the classroom as inside it. The IE School of Humanities takes advantage of IE University´s location in Spain, home a number of UNESCO World Heritage sites. Between the Segovia campus, known for its rich history, as well as Madrid and it´s globally renowned cultural institutions, there is a wide cultural offer for students. Through a vast range of extracurricular activities available to our entire IE Community, you’ll be able to address current issues from multiple perspectives, while gaining the invaluable asset of other people’s perspectives, in a wide range of events and activities.


A world-leading faculty

Our esteemed faculty comprises leading scholars in the humanities, and practitioners from different industries, who will guide you in an interdisciplinary approach to develop global, actionable perspectives to understand complex scenarios. They will challenge you to learn from, but look beyond, the past. To adopt sophisticated thinking, asking you to consider the long-standing questions that humanity has always asked, and will always have to ask itself, both critically and analytically. And they’ll impart the digital tools you need while addressing the consequences of emerging and accelerating technology on human ethics and society.


At IE School of Humanities, we empower ambitious future leaders with interdisciplinary human-focused education and skills that never expire, including understanding complexity, cross-cultural competence, innovative thinking, empathy, communication, analytical skills, and digital expertise. Our graduates excel in various sectors, such as marketing, HR, consulting, digital ethics, and general management, ready to navigate the complex intersection of humanity and the digital age.

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