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Tech Mentorship Program

"Through this mentoring network and program, our students have the opportunity to connect and learn about technology & business opportunities from experts/ leaders from around the world,” Ikhlaq Sidhu

What is the Tech Mentoring Program?

IE School of Science and Technology, your door to the tech world, launched the new Mentoring Program for Graduate Students aimed at empowering students with a profound understanding of the dynamic tech industry, applicable across a wide range of positions. Our aim is to not only deepen knowledge but also foster the development of invaluable skills, ensuring students thrive in this ever-evolving field.

The Tech Mentorship Program at IE University is an initiative designed to establish a personal and professional relationship of learning and trust between a mentor and a mentee. The program focuses on personalized growth, expanding professional networks, and enhancing technical and professional skills.

Students will be strategically paired with mentors aligned with their specific development needs, ensuring a tailored and productive mentoring experience that enhances academic outcomes.

The program also provides step-by-step guidance to keep participants engaged and on track toward achieving their personal goals. Our programs have been created so that our mentors and mentees learn from each other through a circular knowledge exchange.

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The technology industry is growing at a rampant pace and gender equality is still catching up. This mentoring program was initiated to address one of the most important needs for female graduate students: a diversity of good mentors and role models.

The mentorship especially targets issues of gender inequality, tackles the persistent issue of the gender salary gap, power dynamics, and work-life balance within academia and the workforce. Finding a mentor who is knowledgeable of what it takes to thrive in the Tech industry can be an invaluable asset for our female students looking to kickstart their career in Technology.

Why become a Global mentor?

A Global Mentor is a dedicated professional actively engaged in a tech job or the tech industry, committed to guide, inspire, and support students. Beyond possessing knowledge and experience, our mentors are driven by a sincere desire to see others succeed. They play a pivotal role as role models, contributing to student's professional development through meaningful conversations that foster encouragement and inspiration.

Mentors at IE gain from portfolio development, enriching their professional experience while actively participating in the IE Community. They also have the opportunity to build meaningful connections within the growing IE Community, establishing valuable relationships for the future.

Why become a Mentee?

A mentee is a graduate student from the School of Science and Technology who will receive guidance and support from a professional or leader in the technology sector, gaining knowledge, skills, confidence, and insights on overcoming professional challenges within the technology sector.

This accelerates their academic and personal growth, guiding how to succeed and achieve their professional goals.

Additionally, it offers an opportunity for students to build meaningful connections with tech professionals from different generations, fostering valuable relationships for the future.

How Does the Program Work?

This mentorship program proposes a minimum duration of six months, during which at least three bimonthly sessions should be maintained.

In addition to the official mentor sessions, students and mentors are encouraged to stay in touch, sharing ideas, insights, or tips throughout the year.

Mentorship Blueprint: Embark on a Journey of Growth and Connection

Mentee Survey Submission

Students begin by filling out a survey detailing their objectives and expectations from the program.

Mentor Success Session

A session guides students on how to become successful mentors.

Matching Session

Mentors and mentees are paired during a matching session, and the program's workings and next steps and details of the program are explained.

Kick-off Meeting

After being matched, participants schedule a kick-off meeting to set goals and discuss availability for future meetings.

Program Completion and Certificate Award

Upon completing the program, both mentors and mentees receive a certificate from the IE School of Science and Technology.

Networking Cocktail Event

The program concludes before graduation with a networking cocktail event, bringing together all mentors and mentees.

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“Through this mentoring network and program, our students have the opportunity to connect and learn about technology & business opportunities from experts/ leaders from around the world”.

Ikhlaq Sidhu

Dean of IE School of Science and Technology

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Students have gained invaluable guidance from our dedicated mentors
Students have gained invaluable guidance from our dedicated mentors
experienced professionals are ready to share their expertise and support
of our mentors are women, reflecting our unwavering commitment to inclusivity and mentorship for all

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How the Tech Mentorship Program Empowers Students and Professionals

Discover how the Tech Mentorship Program at IE School of Science and Technology is revolutionizing the journey of female tech leaders. With exclusive insights from mentors and mentees, learn about the transformative experiences that are shaping careers and breaking barriers in the tech industry.

Whether you're a student or a professional, find out how connecting with industry experts can guide you towards success and make a tangible impact on your personal and professional growth.

Don't miss this inspiring 5-minute read on empowerment, mentorship, and the future of women in tech.

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IE School of Science and Technology Launches New Mentoring Program for Graduate Students

International tech professionals will be paired with Sci-Tech students as mentees.

IE School of Science and Technology launched the new Mentoring Program for Graduate Students aimed at helping students gain a deeper understanding of the tech industry and develop valuable skills to thrive in this dynamic field.

More than 30 experienced professionals from around the world—including California, Tokyo, India and many other places-- specifically from the tech industry will be paired with mentees who will gain personalized guidance.

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