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IE School of Science and Technology is building its entrepreneurial foundation to elevate what it means to receive STEM education. As a result, we have created a rigorous, entrepreneurial polytechnic for science and technology, focused on attracting multidisciplinary leaders and accelerating their talents through hands-on practice, a diverse environment and high-impact research to address complex issues and hasten global advancement.

Strongly supported by top-tier faculty and an internationally recognized entrepreneurial spirit, IE School of Science and Technology is redefining what was once a narrow field, and now acts as a gateway for students to breakthrough past challenges and gain access to the burgeoning tech-related careers worldwide as well as offering privileged relations with worldwide STEM researchers and corporate leaders.

By drawing in today’s brightest STEM minds, IE School of Science and Technology has become a focal point for meaningful change, a place where students can ignite the catalyst to their futures and feel empowered to accelerate their careers. We provide students with the skills, practice, knowledge and environment needed to make a difference—and by converging together and learning from the perspectives and intellectual diversity of their peers and educators, they join a supportive and international community that lasts a lifetime.


A Special Message from Our Dean, Ikhlaq Sidhu:

Ikhlaq Sidhu, Dean of the IE School of Science and Technology, introduces himself and shares how the School of Science and Technology is setting a new standard for science and technology institutions.

By educating students to be multidisciplinary technology leaders with impact-driven growth to advance the science and technology sectors–and the world.


IE’s School of Science and Technology bridges the gaps between traditional narrowly-focused STEM research and product managers, companies and entrepreneurs looking to apply solutions to directly impact global challenges and industry evolution.

Building on our school’s success to date, we aim to broaden science and technology education by connecting them with innovation, real-world applications, entrepreneurship and leadership. With a combination of technical rigor, modern data tools and connections to emerging industry opportunities, as well as an innovative mindset, we seek to prepare future tech leaders for a fast-changing world.

Today, every organization is partly a tech firm—but narrow technical knowledge alone cannot create the desired outcomes.


These principles, built on IE University’s four key pillars: humanities, innovation, entrepreneurship and diversity, are designed to create technology leaders with purpose. They combine our passion for technological innovation with an entrepreneurial mindset, preparing students to become leaders of the future, whether within a company or as creators of their own start-ups.

With students and faculty from more than 160 countries and a range of backgrounds, diversity is our strength, and we encourage students to apply their key critical thinking skills to complex, global challenges.

Recommitment to global advancement

Advancing research excellence and innovation. We are committed to the purpose and impact of global advancement, in contrast to the advancement of a narrowly-defined discipline. We aim to advance both research excellence and innovation behaviors.

Focus on multidisciplinary breadth and depth

We are redefining the roles of the scientist and engineer as technology leaders with both technical depth and multidisciplinary breadth, so that our students bridge the gap between technologist and business leader. Our programs combine computing and data science with finance, cognitive science, healthcare and more.

Empower student success

Traditional STEM education leaves students unprepared for the real world. We ensure that our students are capable of solving tough problems, as well as solving the right problems.

Respect multi-intelligence

We recognize that there are multiple types of intelligence and that all types, working together, are necessary to solve today’s problems. We take a multidisciplinary, connected and integrated approach.

Utilize impactful approaches

We acknowledge the value of different models of scientific and technical impact. For example, Steve Jobs and Niels Bohr both created impact using science and technology, while using different approaches. We promote behaviors which nurture innovation and creativity, as well as rigorous technical depth and breadth.

Go beyond innovation

Building on a long tradition of innovation, we aim to amplify a culture of connectivity, trust, critical thinking, agency, speed, experimentation and inductive learning. We empower students not only to innovate, but to adapt, grow and future-proof themselves in a constantly evolving world.

IE School of Science & Technology Team


Big data, science and technology have revolutionized the way businesses work. Companies are starting to invest heavily in understanding how to capture value through data analytics, uniting computing and data science with finance, cognitive science, healthcare and more.

There’s a growing need for computer science specialists and technology professionals with the skills to identify, collect, analyze, interpret and use data to drive value and innovation.

But data alone isn’t everything

In today’s fast-paced business world, technology is moving at an unprecedented pace—artificial intelligence (AI), bots, the Internet of Things (IoT), blockchain, virtual and augmented reality, and robotics have become part of daily life.

That’s why our programs combine technology with data science to prepare you to drive change in any industry sector.


How do science and technology impact the world? STEM education is evolving; the future of education is a broader, deeper approach to empower tomorrow’s tech professionals to innovate and lead. Discover how we prepare future tech leaders to make an impact through our multidisciplinary program.


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