Student & Alumni Stories

Students in the School of Science and Technology come from all over the globe. And they bring with them different worldviews, opinions and ambitions. But one thing they have in common is the tremendous career success they’ve enjoyed—success for which they laid the groundwork in the program. They’ve taken their skills and experiences down a variety of paths, and we’re extremely proud to tell some of their stories.

A Glimpse into who you could become...

Alejandro's Story
Oxana's Story
Drew's Story
Tamar's Story

Alejandro: Data & AI Specialist

As a Cloud Solution Specialist at Microsoft, Alejandro values the competencies the International MBA and Master in Business Analytics and Big Data gave him from a business and data perspective, and the opportunities presented by IE University to build an international and diverse community to boost his professional and personal life.


Oxana: Financial Analyst and Data Expert

Oxana is a financial analyst who decided to revamp her career by becoming an agile and creative tech professional through the Master in Business Analytics and Big Data. She is now able to overcome the challenges of rapid change by leveraging technologies such as data science, AI, machine learning, blockchain, and robotics.


Drew: Master in Computer Science and Business Technology student

As a Master in Computer Science and Business Technology alum, Drew shares how the program enabled him to blend a business background with technical knowledge. IE University enabled him to further develop his interpersonal skills and communicate with individuals from different backgrounds. The holistic approach of the program also enabled him to prepare successfully for his professional career.  


Tamar: Bachelor in Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Student

Tamar Alphaidze, who trained as a musician, now applies her knowledge of musical structures to the discipline of coding as a student in the Bachelor in Computer Science & Artificial Intelligence at IE University. Thanks to the program's scientific and creative approach to solving real-world problems, Tamar has the skills to design, create and implement today's digital technology. Her skills will be in high demand in any sector.