Learning Methodology


IE University trains the next generation of change-makers through programs that allow students to put theory into practice from day one.

Guided by leading industry professionals who understand the power and interconnected nature of data and technology, students graduate with the ability to bring ideas to life, tackle complex situations and effectively manage teams.

Our unique Liquid Learning model is a practical and innovative strategy that combines the best of virtual and in-person education, encompassing case studies, multimedia simulations, class debates and team projects with real clients across various sectors.

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IE School of Science and Technology was born in response to the growing need for leaders who are capable of connecting science and technology with innovation, real-world applications and entrepreneurship.

  • To gain this ability, our programs give you hands-on experience through collaboration on real-world tech and business projects. We teach you not only to solve problems, but to be able to identify which problems need solving in order to drive impact.

  • By equipping you with ​​rigorous technical depth as well as purpose-aware breadth, we prepare you to become a multidisciplinary tech leader of tomorrow. Come graduation day, you’ll be capable of confidently putting ideas to paper, tackling complex situations and effectively managing teams in tech environments.



    In these real-world consulting projects, a client will provide a challenge and you and your teammates will address it and present your results to a panel of expert judges. You will also have the chance to work under pressure and stretch your creative boundaries with your participation in engaging competitions that mirror the modern workplace like datathons, hackathons, and the IE Foundation Prizes in the Humanities.


    Our classrooms are idea incubators. We encourage our students to engage in debate and exchange perspectives every day. With our extremely diverse student profiles, you’re guaranteed to finish the program with an open, global mindset, and the ability to work in teams with people from all walks of life. The fact is, career success is not just about individual performance, it’s also about being highly effective in collaborating and communicating with coworkers.


    Through our practical and career-focused programs, concepts and theory are always linked to the real-world situations and decisions you will face in your career. Our engaging business-oriented case studies allow you to put ideas into practice and develop your professional judgment by questioning what you would have done in a similar situation and why.


    You will participate in cutting-edge multimedia simulations to apply your knowledge as you go. You may be tasked with handling the crisis management of a corporate social media scandal or work in teams to plan and carry out a global sporting event. Or you might even try to overcome the prisoner’s dilemma in a simulation that requires tacit cooperation in using a shared resource to produce your product.


The world of work changes at lightning speed, as do the knowledge and skills that employers require. IE School of Science and Technology works directly with companies to ensure that our programs are always at the cutting edge, and that our graduates are prepared not only for the present, but also the future.


Our world-class faculty comprises both full-time academic professors and faculty practitioners who work in senior positions across myriad functions and industries. They are cutting-edge academics and professionals able to give you both solid foundations as well as the latest knowledge and skills.


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