Language Proficiency Track

Develop the English skills needed to have a successful international career

Studying at IEU means that once you graduate you will get immersed in an international environment and you will have to face challenges at a global scale. In order to prepare you for the real world and avoid language constraints, our Bachelors are fully delivered in English. For those who need to improve their language skills in order to study business and laws in their natural and international language and graduate with a proficiency level of the language, we offer a special track during the first year.


The Language Proficiency Track (LPT) has been designed for those students who wish to progressively adapt to studying fully in English at IE University. This track is led by both the IE Business School and Ie Law School it is available for first year BBA and LL.B. students. It will allow you to access the Bachelor in Business Administration and the Bachelor of Laws in English and study with people from over 100 nationalities while reinforcing your language skills. The enrolled students have an early start that begins a few weeks before the academic year, and lasts one academic year.


Lead by the IE Business School and the IE Law School, here you will go through the first unit of the English Proficiency Course and Business/Law English and you will study courses like Mathematics, Lawyering and Writing Skills, all in English.

**NOTE: The Summer Early Start of the 2017-18 academic year will start on august 17th 2017.


In addition to your regular subjects, throughout your first year you will have some mandatory courses that are meant to improve your English skills to reach the required level.


All non-native English speakers’ candidates who need to enhance their English skills from their very first year of studies in order to go through the whole degree in this language.


Note I:

The Language Proficiency Track is mandatory for those candidates who have been admitted to the BBA + LPT or the LL.B. + LPT. This will not only enhance their language skills, but it will help them build their confidence, acclimatize and adjust culturally

Note II:

The Summer Early Start is not replaceable for a summer course abroad or English classes in an academy, since it is part of the BBA and the LL.B. programs and you will go through specific content relevant for your business and laws studies.

Note III:

The reinforcement subjects are compulsory and cannot be replaced by other courses.

Note IV:

In year 2 all LPT students will study the exact same subjects as the other BBA and LL.B. undergraduates.

Advantages of the Language Proficiency Track

Become fluent in the international language of the business world

  • Immersing yourself in an English language program just before starting your course will give you greater language skills and confidence.
  • With a stronger level of English, specialized in business, you’ll have more opportunities to do exchange programs with other universities and international internships.
  • You’ll be able to enroll in advanced seminars in English and participate in the IE Labs in English without any linguistic problems, from the very beginning of the course.

With the Summer Early Start program you’ll begin with a great advantage

  • In the Summer Early Start program, you’ll be completely immersed in Business English classes and social activities carried out in English. You’ll gain a total language immersion experience, which will be especially useful for you as you start your academic career.
  • This program is specifically designed for university students seeking the highly international nature of IE University. You’ll receive a unique learning and adaptation experience that you won’t find in similar courses.
  • This Summer Early Start immersion experience will be further enhanced by your like-minded classmates: students who have the same commitment and are very capable of fast-paced learning.

With the Summer Early Start program you’ll make a difference

  • You’ll start learning about various issues of the business world in your first weeks of the program. Keep in mind that the Language Proficiency Track and the program that starts a few weeks earlier are both designed and directed by IE Business School. Not many university students have the opportunity to take part in a special program offered by one of the world’s highest-ranking business schools. As Martin Boehm, Dean of IE Business School, says, “We want to provide BBA students with the opportunity to take part in a customized program offered by the business school, as we do with the MBA students in the launch program, before the beginning of the course. We think this gives them a specific mentality going into the school year.”
  • You’ll interact with students from more advanced courses of your degree and you’ll start to get to know your classmates, the campus, and what daily life is like at IE University.
  • Apart from the language immersion, the Summer Early Start also familiarizes you with the international environment and way of studying at the university. That way you’ll be able to take better advantage of the first weeks of the course. You’ll have already settled in!
  • Unlike similar courses, summer schools and “foundational years,” from the very beginning you’ll start learning alongside your classmates who share the same degree, campus, concerns and profile. You’ll share a unique experience with them from the start.

The extra subjects during the course allow you to advance to a higher level

  • English Proficiency and Business English are subjects designed for you to greatly improve your language skills. Your standards of writing, expression, knowledge of general and technical vocabulary, and ability to communicate professionally and articulately, will be excellent in record time.
  • Not only will English Proficiency and Business English courses allow you to further improve and maintain a very high level of English; they’ll also allow you to develop your skills at international professional standards. IE University aims to enable you to develop all your intellectual and personal competencies in English from the very beginning.

Interact with students of all nationalities from day one

  • You’ll share the classroom with students from all over the world who are also earning their degree at IE University. You’ll share everything with them: the same professors, the same class dynamic, the same daily experience. The level of English proficiency you’ll obtain will allow you to interact with all of them from day one.
  • Your work group will also be made up of international students: as you have to be an active participant in the work group, having an excellent level of English is imperative.
  • Your personal network and the unforgettable friends you make at IEU will be made up of students as international as you. Perfecting your level of English will allow you to grow this network of friends and contacts.

Stand out as an international student

  • At IE University, you will study a program of the IE Business School, on a par with the extremely high performance standards of prestigious international business schools. Executives who attend top business schools are expected to have strong abilities to adapt and integrate within international business settings, and you will be able to show it thanks to the Language Proficiency Track.
  • Companies highly value this type of program on a CV: it demonstrates that you have been interested in making a commitment to international learning from the very beginning, that you are able to “take the path less traveled,” and that you are proactive and take the initiative to enhance your English now rather than later. As Carlos Díez, Director of Professional Careers at IE University, says, “Companies highly value ‘induction programs’ like the Language Proficiency Track being on your CV, as it shows the candidate is a person who takes initiative when it comes to adapting to a business culture or an organization.”