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Academic rigour

At IE University our most important assets are our students, whom are excelling in every aspect of their lives, and our faculty, experts in their area.
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At IE University, we offer bachelor’s degrees taught in English that integrate different teaching methodologies and allow students to discover their full potential and enhance their unique value in an international environment.

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As with our students, our faculty at IE University range from a richly diverse number of nationalities across all five schools. With over 500 professors at the university, each discipline benefits from their own community of highly experienced members. These schools include: Architecture & Design, Business, Human Sciences & Technology, Global & Public Affairs and Law. Meet our faculty members and learn about how they can help guide you towards your chosen career.


Your own path

We understand that graduating from IE University is not an end—it’s only the beginning. After leaving campus, we are always curious about what our incredible alumni are doing. So we decided to see where they are now.

Your Own Path is an exciting video series where former students tell their stories, showing us their offices, the work they do, their friends, and a glimpse of what their routine is like. We hope these videos inspire our current students to follow their dreams and see the endless possibilities that await graduates from IE University.

Our students know no limits when it comes to working in multinational environments, with many finding homes all over the globe. We went to a number of countries including the Czech Republic, Ireland, Germany, Switzerland, the USA, and Mexico to reconnect with old friends. Keep an eye out for more videos, and, who knows, maybe you could end up working abroad through one of these exciting opportunities.

Your Own Path

The life of an IE University student is a unique experience

With over 130 nationalities on campus, a practical approach to knowledge, and a collaborative learning environment, IE University provides a unique experience where students undergo a profound transformation.


Students at IEU are characterized by a global perspective and a drive to reach their own unique professional goals.



Students develop a unique professional profile from day one.



We help students strengthen their entrepreneurial spirit through various initiatives.



Joining IE University means joining a truly diverse international community.


Campus Tour

Discover our facilities, classrooms, cafeterias, library, WOW Room, and much more. Explore the IE University campus right here!


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Make the tour

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Financial Aid

Thanks to the generous support of students, alumni, partners, benefactors, and a whole host of companies and organizations – all of whom are committed to international education based on entrepreneurship and a humanistic approach – the IE Foundation can make its renowned educational model available to those candidates that show a lot of potential but don’t have the resources.

The IE Foundation’s three main activities are funding scholarships and support for the training of students, professors, and researchers; promoting research by funding research centers, professorships, and collaborations with businesses and institutions; and, finally, supporting academic and cultural work through publications, the sponsorship of different cultural activities, and assistance with our library collections and bibliographic resources for research.

Financial AId


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