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Every year we receive students from all corners of the world who come to our campus. They come with different aspirations, ideas and expectations to join an environment defined by its international outlook and rich diversity. Our students are characterized by having a global perspective, motivation towards achieving their personal and professional goals, an entrepreneurial spirit that sparks their creativity, and a profound desire of leaving their mark wherever they go.

Driving Innovation

It isn’t the institution itself that makes the IE University Community unique. It’s the talent that chooses to study here. Each of the following five students’ stories represent values that IE University is proud of. By always embracing new experiences outside the classroom, they truly embody what we mean when we talk about taking a multifaceted approach to learning. Entrepreneurship, creativity, diversity, being a team player, walking your own path and embracing change are characteristics IE University looks for in every single member of its community.

Dorian Ranger



Be A Team Player




Walk Your Path


Embrace Change
"I love working in a creative digital environment and have a passion for copyright law with a focus on music and information"
"Enjoying the tranquility of the campus at Segovia and the intensity of life in Madrid, with some wonderful professors that not only helped me grow academically, but personally"
"Bringing all our different perspectives together is the best way to contribute with higher education."
"In every corner of Segovia, in every step you take through its streets, squares and countryside, there’s a sense of tradition, art and history."
"I would like to work at an international organization and truly make an impact"
"The education is flexible, creativity is a constant in the classroom and the professors are highly connected to the real world. They help us grow our ideas and they know how to encourage an entrepreneurial spirit."
"IE University helped me work on my personal development. There are over 120 clubs here and over 1.000 events organized by students each year. It’s incredible. Once you have a business idea, there is a start-up lab and a venture lab which are there to help you make your idea become a reality."


Our students are passionate about many different things. Some of them are passionate about sports, others about the arts, and others about developing new business ideas. We have students who are passionate about motorcycles, horse-riding, singing, painting, and much more. If there is something that defines our students, it is their hunger for living their passions and sharing them with the world.
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    International Students

    2023 QS World University Ranking
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Discover our Student Projects

An important part of the learning journey at IE University are the hands-on projects that the students undergo in the different bachelor’s programs. Through these projects, our students express their creativity, bring their ideas to life, and let their imagination free to create true pieces of art.

The Permanent Transition

The permanent transition project focuses on the corralas (low income housing) of downtown Madrid, specifically one in the Lavapies area. Being of the oldest residential buildings, the area over time has acquired a poor reputation. That is where the purpose of this project comes in; to bring new life to the corrala with the addition of a unique reception to act as an interface between the residents and the city’s tourists.

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The Hub is a space with the optimal environment for connecting, facilitating and enhancing growth and development. It is located a specific spot inside Leeds University campus because there is a numerous amount of activity and wide variety of people (age and culture) and both the city and the university are missing co-working spaces.

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More Student Projects


When the time comes for high school students to choose which university they wish to attend, no matter where they came from, they have to face several difficult challenges and decisions. For this project, and to help prospective students make the best decision regarding their future studies, we brought together a diverse group of students to talk over a weekend about their experiences, fears and expectations. In a series of videos, they discuss important topics like university life, professional careers, the digital transformation, and more.