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Epic Awards

Extraordinary People Inspiring the IE Community

The Essence: Personal Progress. Human Success.
The IE experience involves a personal and professional transformation process that is ultimately reflected in the achievements of our alumni. Our more than 66,000 alumni contribute to their organizations and the society in countries all over the globe.
EPIC alumni perform in their personal and professional lives by the same standards of excellence that have been taught at IE’s undergraduate and master programs. Our EPIC alumni are accomplished entrepreneurs, leaders, and role models that show commitment to society and deliver exemplary work in their fields of knowledge throughout the different stages of their lives.

Five categories:

  • Business Impact: Experienced executives who transform the companies and organizations where they work, by putting into practice the values acquired at IE.
  • Creators: Entrepreneurs who have successfully founded and scaled their businesses, ultimately turning ideas into reality. Their companies have a 2+ year startup survival rate and/or have obtained funding of 1MM.
  • Human Success: Alumni who have gone beyond personal and professional achievements to change our world and mobilize society through social impact. Dedicates life efforts to altruistic & idealistic activities or the benefit of society as a whole.
  • Women Inspiring Women: Women who live the value of diversity by helping other women achieve their aspirations and creating a solid platform for gender equality.
  • Young & Ambitious Minds: Alumni under 30 years old, who have obtained a significant promotion at work or have been distinguished as potential leaders within their organizations, or having obtained funding for their own company/start up or achieved exit phase,
The nominations for the 2021 EPIC Awards are closed

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Adam Pervez

Chief Happiness Officer at HappinessPlunge.com. IMBA 2009.
A profound change in his life and an adventure to explore the meaning of happiness.
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Carlos de Hart

Gerente General at Agroince. MIDE 2002.
His experience as entrepreneur and Deputy Minister, developing new markets for his country and generating social growth, with less than 40 years of age.
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Nabila Toubia Morcos

Owner and Managing Director at EN-CAPS Consult. AMP 2006 & GSMP 2008.
Taking a part in the development of women empowerment in Jordania.
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Yvonne Krywyj

Business Operation Manager at Sustainable Health Enterprises (SHE). IMBA 2012.
Contributing to a better world, actually living & working in Kigali with ‘Sustainable Health Enterprises’, a job and a company that really makes a difference.
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Maya Helbaoui

Public Affairs Lead, Middle East at Roche. IMBA 2012.
Designing prevention campaigns against conditions like hepatitis C, arthritis and cancer in women.
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Roxana Hidan

Head of SME Business at OTP Bank of Romania. EMBA 2014.
She is the most powerful woman in Romanian banking.
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Daniel Muñiz

Executive Vice President at Grupo Mexico. MBA 2004.
His experience as the founder of a law firm and his career in this enormous corporation have given him a lot to say about quality leadership and community service.
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Ramón Martin

Founder & CEO of META 4. EMBA 1991.
Being able to adapt and contribute to businesses at a stage of radical change.
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Murat Ünal

Founder & Executive Officer at SONEAN. DBA 2011 & ExLLM 2007.
Make a difference in the world of data-driven analysis by connecting the dots between different kinds of human interactions.
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Ana Ugidos

Founder and CEO of BTSA Biotecnologías Aplicadas. GSMP 2006.
Taking entrepreneurship in biotechnology beyond in several countries and applications.
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Bernhard Niesner & Adrian Hilti

Founders of Busuu. IMBA 2007.
Founders of Busuu.
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Bianca Hutin

Founder and CEO of My Web'Art. MIM 2010.
A leader in the development of the Art World 3.0.
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Jorge Schnura, Eiso Kant & Philip Von Have

Founders at Tyba. BBA 2013.
Bridging the gap between candidates and startups.
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Alexander Kazakov

Co-founder at Glownet. MIM 2013.
Adding value to the digital payment methods industry.
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