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Enrique Ogliastri


Enrique Ogliastri


Human Resources and Organisational Behaviour

Senior Scholar, Human Resources and Organisational Behaviour

Enrique Ogliastri has taught at IE since the year 2000 and he is also a professor at INCAE (Costa Rica). He holds a PhD, MBA, a master in social psychology and a degree in industrial engineering. He has authored fifteen books, the latest of which was published by Harvard University Press (2006, co-author). His “Manual de Planificación Estratégica” (Manual on Strategic planning) has seen five editions and sixteen printings in fifteen years. He worked at Universidad de los Andes (Bogotá) for twenty-five years and at Harvard University for four years. He was also visiting professor of strategy and negotiation in France (ESC Toulouse and L’Université de Nancy) and in Japan. “I have always had a strange fascination for the East”, says Enrique. “I remember perfectly two books that my father had in his collection, and after reading them I devoured the novels by authors from India and other countries translated by Barral”.

He started teaching negotiation in 1987 after learning about it at MIT, Kellogg, and the Harvard Negotiation Programme. He has specialised in pinpointing the problems that are specific to negotiations in Latin cultures, and has undertaken research projects on the subject as well as writing books and cases. “I first started to study negotiation when I finished two projects (a book on strategy and another on intercultural management). I quickly decided to investigate intercultural negotiation and my first study was on Japan and Latin America, which led me to spend a semester in Tokyo. Over the years I have written several books on the relation between culture and management”.

In recent years he has held workshops on negotiations in Central America, Colombia, Ecuador, Spain, the US, France, Japan, Peru and Venezuela.

Academic Background

• PhD in Organisations, Northwestern University (US)

• MS in Social Psychology, Northwestern University

• MBA, IESE (Spain)

• Degree in Industrial Engineering, UIS, (Colombia)

Academic Experience

• Professor, Director of Research, Founder of the MBA and Dean, Universidad de los Andes (Bogota)

• Professor of Negotiation, Incae (Costa Rica)

• Fulbright Visiting Scholar, Associate in Education (Harvard University, 1980 – 1984)

• Visiting Research Fellow, Institute of Developing Economies (Tokyo, 1989)

• Visiting Professor, Toulouse Business School, Université de Nancy (France, 1997 – 1999)

• His 15 books have been published by Alfaomega, Harvard, McGraw Hill, Norma, Pearson, tm.
Director of “Academia. Revista Latinoamericana de Administración” (Academia. Latin American journal on business management) published by CLADEA since 1999

Professional Experience

• Advisor on strategic planning, restructuring and negotiation, in several countries, to an average of  fifteen firms each year, including: BanColombia, BankInter, British Petroleum, Cartón de Colombia, Chicle Adams, Coca Cola, Codensa EEB, Colgate, Colmena, Corfinsura, CRT, Ecopetrol, Fedepalma, Fundagro, General Motors, Gillete, Ingenio Magdalena, Microsoft, Min. Ambiente, Myers Squibb Bristol, NCR -ITT, Nestlé, Noel, OEI, Occidental Petroleum, Oracle, Peldar, Pfizer, Prieto, Riopaila, Seguros Vanguardia, Shell Hocol, Suramericana, Unilever, Unisys, Verizon, Wal Mart,  Walter Thompson, Warner Lambert y Western Atlas”

Latest Publications

• Benetti, S., Ogliastri, E., Caputo, A. (2021). “Distributive/Integrative Negotiation Strategies in Cross-Cultural Contexts: A Comparative Study of the USA and Italy”. Journal of Management & Organization

• Artavia, E., Ogliastri, E. (2018). “TexTech of Nicaragua”. In C. Muller et al (Eds) Understanding Family Firms in Latin America: Theory and Application. Taylor & Francis.

• Fosse, S. M., Ogliastri, E., Rendon, M. I. (2017). “When Dignity and Honor Cultures Negotiate: Finding Common Ground”. Negotiation and Conflict Management Research, Vol. 10(4): 265-285

• Caballero, K., Melgarejo, M., Ogliastri, E. (2016). “Banco Solidario S.A. The recovery strategy, 2000 – 2004”. Journal of Business Research, Vol. 69(10): 4454-4468