IE Business School Rankings

IE Business School consistently ranks among the world’s top academic institutions in global rankings, which assess the quality of our teaching, faculty and students.

We are committed to promoting innovation and nourishing talent in order to shape tomorrow’s leading professionals, providing our students with a truly global vision to prepare them for the challenges of the future.

Thanks to this commitment, IE Business School continues to hold top positions in the most important global rankings.


 Financial Times   European Business School  3rd in Europe  December, 2017
 International MBA  4th in Europe, 8th in the world  January, 2017
 Global Executive MBA  12th in the world  October, 2018
 Global MBA  2nd in the world  March, 2019
 Master in Finance  11th in the world  June, 2018
 Master in Management  10th in the world  September, 2018
 QS  Global Online MBA  1st in the world  June, 2019
 Global MBA  1st in the world  June, 2018
 International MBA  8th in the world  September, 2018
 Master in Management  6th in the world  September, 2018
 Bloomberg Businessweek  NON-US MBAs  8th in the world  November, 2017
 Forbes  International MBA  6th in the world  September, 2019
 The Economist  Master in Management  11th in the world  June, 2017
 efinancialcareers  Master in Finance  5th in investment banking job  March, 2019
 Master in Finance  3rd in hedge fund, private equity and asset management job placements  March, 2017
 América Economía  International MBA  6th in the world  May, 2017
 Executive Education  5th in the world  November, 2016
 The Aspen Institute  Business School  1st in Europe, 3rd in the world  September, 2011


In 2005, the Financial Times began ranking the best Master in Management degrees. Since then, they have continued to publish this prestigious ranking on a regular basis.

To obtain these insights, both the institution and students are surveyed. The different areas assessed include:

  • Salary and weighted salary
  • Value for money
  • Career advancement opportunities and rate of employment after graduation
  • Alumni recruitment preferences
  • Achievement of objectives
  • Percentage of female students, faculty and board of directors members
  • Percentage of international students, faculty and board of directors members
  • International student mobility
  • International experience and languages required
  • Percentage of faculty members with doctorates

Faculty participation in research projects and academic initiatives is also taken into consideration.



 European Business Schools  3rd in Europe  December, 2017
 International MBA  4th in Europe, 8th in the world  January, 2017
 Global Executive MBA  12th in the world  October, 2018
 Global MBA  2nd in the world  March, 2019
 Master in Finance  11th in the world  June, 2018
 Master in Management  10th in the world  September, 2018


QS World University Ranking

The QS World University Ranking is a global and regional evaluation of over 800 universities, judged as one of the most prestigious evaluations in the world. The criteria considered are:

  • Academic prestige:

Academics from around the world are asked to participate in a survey, in which they evaluate their institutions.

  • Employer prestige:

Feedback is gathered from different international employers to identify the university that best prepares their students for the job market.

  • Research:

This ranking is unique, as QS goes beyond just looking at the number of publications a university has. They place a special emphasis on how widely the institution’s work is cited by other academics, a key indicator of quality.

  • Student-teacher ratio:

The ratio of students to instructors is measured. This allows QS to understand how well the institution is organized, while also gauging the individual attention each student receives.

  • International students and professors:

Globally-focused institutions give both students and professors new perspectives on key issues. The ranking takes this into account by measuring how inclusive a higher education institution is.

Based on all the above criteria, QS recognizes IE to be one of the top international institutions in their ranking. The Global MBA leads the ranking, having been named best in the world in June 2018. The International MBA and the Master in Management are placed eighth and sixth in the world, respectively.



 Global Online MBA  1st in the world  2019
 Global MBA  1st in the world  June, 2018
 International MBA  8th in the world  September, 2018
 Master in Management  6th in the world  September, 2018


In November 2017, Bloomberg Businessweek recognized IE Business School among the Best International Business Schools in 2018. According to the ranking, IE Business School is one of the top 8 business schools outside the United States to study an MBA.

Some of the criteria assessed in this ranking include:

  • The opinion of entrepreneurs
  • How satisfied students and alumni are with the quality of the program, teaching and school
  • Alumni salary after graduation



 Non-US MBAs  8th in the world  November, 2017



The Forbes ranking centers on the return students will receive on their investment (ROI). They do this by comparing student salaries upon graduation, and again after 5 years. This assessment also considers the benefits students receive after graduation, compared to how much they have invested in the program, including time, tuition costs and other compulsory fees.

In the Forbes ranking, IE Business School was placed sixth in the world (September, 2019).



 International MBA
 6th in the world  September, 2019



In The Economist’s ranking, IE Business School’s Master in Management is ranked eleventh in the world (June, 2017).

This ranking looks at new career opportunities, educational experience, wage improvement and personal development. It also places special emphasis on the network of contacts students gain during their time studying.




 Master in Management  11th in the world  June, 2017

Efinancialcareers Ranking

The E-FinancialCareers ranking measures the number of students who get a job in investment banking. To do this, they compare the total number of students with those who stand out as notable investment banking professionals in relevant organizations.

Based on this, they select the top best 25 institutions internationally.





 Master in Finance  5th in investment banking job placements  March, 2019
 Master in Finance  3rd in hedge fund, private equity and asset management job placements  March, 2017


America Economia Ranking

IE is ranked sixth worldwide for the Global MBA for Latin America and fifth worldwide for Executive Education.

In this ranking, the areas evaluated are:

  • Diversity and multiculturalism: focusing on the diversity of nationalities of students and instructors, as well as the ratio of women to men in class
  • GMAT scores and percentage of accepted students
  • Position in other prestigious rankings: specifically the Financial Times, The Economist, and QS World University ranking lists
  • Connection with Latin America: applies to both the professors and students in the programs

Special emphasis placed on the quality of the students’ academic record.



 International MBA  6th in the world  May, 2017
 Executive Education  5th in the world  Nov, 2016


The Aspen Institute Ranking

This report assesses the integration of social criteria and environmental issues in MBA programs. The Aspen Institute ranking, known as “Beyond Gray Pinstripes,” evaluates 149 universities in 22 countries.

This report is the only one that focuses on ethical, environmental and social training.

At IE Business School, we take this to the next level by also looking at the time our students dedicate to these matters. IE holds the top position in Europe and the eighth worldwide.



 Business School  1st in Europe, 3rd in the world  September, 2011

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For the second consecutive year, IE Business School places second on the Financial Times Online MBA Ranking 2019. This consolidates IE Business School’s international success, further supported by other prestigious global rankings.

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