Publications Our goal is to provide the IE community with an optimal service for its publications, publishing teaching materials, and academic content to graduate and undergraduate programs.


At IE Publishing’s platform, you can get to know our innovative learning materials that include teaching case studies, multimedia materials and simulations. Here you can find the adequate resources that support the successful application of innovative learning methodologies at your institution.


We would like to show you part of the intellectual production that has been developed during the last years. It is a compilation of some of the books written by our full time professors and adjunct and visiting faculty. It also gathers those written by some of our alumni, students and teaching staff.


Our faculty members are highly specialized in their respective disciplines. We've had the opportunity to publish some of the titles under the IE label thanks to the publishing agreements we hold, such as IE-Palgrave or IE-LID. Below, you can find recent publications written by our academics.

Value in a digital World

Francisco Lopez Lubián y José Esteves

Cosmopolitan managers

Santiago Íñiguez

Yours truly

Margarita Mayo

Strategy in action

Paulo Morgado