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Stories of Global Online MBA (16)

Angie, United States

Customer Success Manager, Calm
“I’m now more aware of different perspectives, more open-minded about feedback, and able to think a few steps ahead of what our global customers might be anticipating.”
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Taylee, Australia

Head of Corporate Affairs, Europe (Cornerstone Group Australia) and Head of Australia and Asia-Pacific (CLASSNET SRL)
"Diversity pushes the limits of our intellectual flexibility; this is essential for managers wanting to succeed in today’s international business environment."
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Whitney, United States

Senior Program Manager of Community Engagement and Institutional Advancement Consultant
“The online periods are very engaging. Weekly synchronous classes are a great way to check in with your classmates live. The asynchronous forums and group work throughout the week make sure you’re not losing any momentum.”
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Tomás, Portugal

Corporate Performance Senior Manager
“The main benefit I gained from the Global Online MBA was the ability to put theory into practice.”
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Steffen, German

PhD student at IE Business School (September 2021 intake)
“The Global Online MBA is a program that suits your agenda and not vice versa!”
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Tamuna, Georgia

Head of Financial Planning and Analysis, TBC Bank Group PLC
“Get ready for the challenge! The Online MBA, as much as it offers much-needed flexibility, is an equally challenging journey. Believe me, it’s definitely worth it!”
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Alexander, Canada

Director of Strategy at Food Cycle Science
"The IE Global Online MBA reflects how global business is done today - it is done online across different countries, cultures, and time zones."
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Florence, United States & Great Britain

Director of Strategy & Product Development at Unum
“I was drawn to the IE Business School Global Online MBA for the opportunity to continue my career and advance my education at a well-reputed program that followed the case method.”
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Martin, Paraguay

Associate at McKinsey & Company
"It is a leading business school in Europe with the program itself selected as the best online program in the world, and the blended methodology format allows for a very flexible schedule while also creating the possibility of having an extremely international cohort."
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Prashant, Norway / Ireland

Head of Sales at Facebook & Adjunct Professor at IE Business School
"I was drawn to the entrepreneurial focus of the school, the diversity of its students, its industry-leading professors, and the highly flexible format of the program."
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Sarah, United States

Markets, Economic Recovery and Growth Specialist
“Dive in! It’s a fun, exhausting, invigorating and challenging experience.”
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Ciaran, Ireland

Program Manager at the International Civil Aviation Organization, a specialised UN Agency in Montreal
“I realized that the participants were as important as the program itself in making the Global Online MBA a life-changing experience. It was a fast-moving roller coaster, but it never failed to live up to those first impressions!”
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Ifeoma, Nigeria

Group Chief, Strategy and Execution Officer at Accelerex Holdings
"Having a diverse class enables you to get different perspectives to issues and opens your mind to how you look into matters."
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Sophie, Germany / France

Consultant at Spring Professional Switzerland (The Adecco Group)
"Never before have I had such a burning desire to chase my dreams and strive for more. This sense of ambition has been instilled in me by the Global Online MBA experience and the determination of the people in the program."
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Rasmus, Denmark

Consultant, Projective Group
“The Global Online MBA is the best of both worlds: fast-paced learning with some of the most talented academics and students I have ever met, while also being able to apply lessons learned in real time to the workplace.”
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Chiara, Italy

Co-founder & Operations Director at GOMA (Globally Outsourced Marketing)
"The Global Online MBA was a transformational experience. Beyond learning about business and administration, Global Online MBA was a unique journey."
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