"Focus on what really matters and create your own journey in the most diverse environment you will ever encounter."

Karim, Lebanon

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Karim Khoueis

About me

Originating from Lebanon, Karim is a multilingual consultant specialist, who speaks fluent English, French and Arabic. Prior to joining IE’s Tech MBA 2021 class, he worked at PwC Middle East for three years as a Senior Consultant. Being an IE Foundation scholar and the President of the IE Lebanese Club, Karim is a young individual always striving to drive innovation and impact the environments in which he is involved in. He is also committed to developing himself and keeping an open-mind, while always remaining motivated to work hard, as he believes that success will always follow.

Karim Khoueis, Lebanon


Senior Financial Consultant

Program studied

Tech MBA

Define your experience in (the program) in one word.


Why did you choose the Tech MBA over a traditional MBA?

The Tech MBA brings a unique opportunity for professionals to immerse themselves in an environment that fosters business mastery, rethinks transformational leadership and centers around technology and innovation. As a young professional with engineering, finance and consulting backgrounds, alongside a strong interest in tech, the philosophy of the program matches with my continuous commitment to drive innovation and impact in my environments.

How does your experience at IE so far is preparing you for your FUTURE professional career?

The Tech MBA offered at IE Business School represents an unparalleled opportunity to develop both the knowledge and skills to advance my current career and achieve my professional goals. IE uses its digital acumen and emerging technologies expertise to digitally upskill students and prepare them for a tech-enabled workplace. Hence, the fact that the Tech MBA program exposes its students to the tech-rich business challenges through learning courses and field projects makes it an excellent choice.

In what ways do you think program has changed your life professionally and personally at this moment?

An important aspect of the IE experience is the focus students have in driving impact in their communities with innovative and tech-savvy solutions. As an IE foundation scholar and the president of the IE Lebanese Club, I had the chance to pitch ideas in front of impactful investors. This unique opportunity allowed me to get out of my comfort zone and made me realise that I should be focusing on the skills I already have, rather than pulling myself down by focusing on those I lack. In some way, the IE experience and spirt boosted my confidence and made want to achieve my dreams more than ever.

Tell us about your day-to-day at the Tech MBA.

The most exciting aspect about being part of the Tech MBA is that every day is unique and different. It is all about managing your time well between your classes, projects, studying for exams and at the same time enjoying life in Madrid.

Do you have any advice for IE candidates pursuing a career in Tech? What skills do you consider are needed to succeed in this field?

I believe that with the right mentality, willingness to learn and the right attitude you can succeed anywhere. You can be the smartest in the room and still not achieve anything. That’s why I advise all new joiners to be committed, show signs of consistency in their work and success will come along.

What’s the best career advice you have ever been given?

When I first started my job with PwC’s consulting team, I was on my way to the client meeting, a bit stressed and worried, as I really wanted to perform well. The partner looked at me and told me: “Don’t be intimidated by anyone, it is not about how old you are it’s about the knowledge you have, your knowledge is your best weapon to impress”.

What is networking like in the program?

I believe to have a positive networking experience it is important to always keep an open mind. Networking in the program is about creating genuine conversations with people you will remember your whole life. While it is normal not to get along with everyone you meet, I think it is very important to remember that there is something to be learned from each person you encounter along the journey. By creating genuine conversations you will build relationships that are built on trust and those are the one that last.

If someone was considering going to IE, what would you tell them?

I would simply tell them to enjoy every minute they will spend in Madrid.

What is one thing you wished you knew, before starting the program.

Everything has an end. Make the most out of it.