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Tech MBA Advisory Board

The Tech MBA Advisory Board is made up of distinguished, internationally renowned experts from the technology sector who bring a wealth of exceptional, real-world business knowledge, experience and ideas to the program. Providing an objective and independent perspective on the important issues that impact the Tech MBA program and its students.

Drawn from top international businesses, members bring an informed and up-to-date understanding of what employers need, how the program can be translated into successful careers and what trends in the business world should influence the direction of the program. Members also ensure that students will have excellent points of contact with the companies they represent, offering our students talks, mentoring and networking opportunities, careers advice, corporate visits and internships.
Profile - Juana Fernández Silva Juana Fernández Silva

EMEA Strategic Partners Sales Director | Microsoft

Profile - Thirumala Arohi Mamunooru Thirumala Arohi Mamunooru

Senior Vice President and Head of Education, Training & Assessments | Infosys

Profile - David Fernandez Vinuales David Fernandez Vinuales

Global Product Marketing Director | Facebook

Profile - Alex Rankin Alex Rankin

Vice-president | Alibaba Group

Profile - Ramón Baeza Ramón Baeza

Managing Director and Senior Partner | BCG

Profile - Casimiro Juanes Casimiro Juanes

Head of Learning & Development | Ericsson Group IT
Co-chair of the Board

Profile - Prashant Søegaard Prashant Søegaard

Head of Sales | Facebook

Profile - Elisabete Ramalho Elisabete Ramalho

Industry Leader - Luxury, Finance, CPG | Google
Co-chair of the Board

Profile - Sajal Singh Sajal Singh

Digital Partner | TATA Sweden

Profile - Joachim Von Goetz Joachim Von Goetz

Head of Intrapreneurship | SAP

Profile - Steve Watmough Steve Watmough

CEO | Mason Advisory Limited

Profile - Sudhakar Hundi Sudhakar Hundi

Chief Analytics Platform Architect | Ericsson

Profile - Reine Essobmadje Reine Essobmadje

Founder and CEO | Evolving Consulting

Profile - Urban Nilsson Urban Nilsson

Senior Director, Global Head of Architecture | Volvo Cars Corporation

Profile - Andreas Junck Andreas Junck

Director of Sales | Everbridge

Profile - Joel Curado Silveirinha Joel Curado Silveirinha

Head of Digital Transformation Smart Cities, Country Digital Acceleration | Cisco Switzerland

Profile - Edwin Diender Edwin Diender

Chief Digital Transformation Officer | Huawei

Profile - Andrea Martin Andrea Martin

Leader IBM Watson Center Munich & EMEA Client Centers - AI Advisory Board Member of the Free State of Bavaria - Distinguished Engineer | IBM

Profile - Francisco Rojo Francisco Rojo

Strategic Account Manager at Kabel | Founder at Voluntechies.org
Chief of Staff