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The help you need

At IE, we believe all people should be allowed to reach their full potential, and we strive to eliminate the economic barriers our students may encounter. Thanks to our agreements with various institutions, IE students have access to scholarships and financial aid, as well as loans with very favorable terms, to help finance their education.

IE Foundation scholarships are funded through the generous contributions of alumni, private companies and non-profit organizations, and include an exclusive fund for Executive Education program participants.

Additionally, financial institutions like Bankia, BBVA and Santander offer participants of the Executive Education programs loans for the full or partial cost of tuition, excluding expenses related to completing the enrollment and contributions to the IE Foundation. These loans, which do not cover expenses such as food or housing, have very favorable terms, such as low interest rates or elimination of prepayment penalties. The terms under which loans are given vary depending on the lending institution. We encourage all students to explore all options before making their final decision.

Recommendations for applying for loans or financial aid:

Confirm your enrollment: Before you can apply for any kind of financial aid, it is necessary to be enrolled in an Executive Education program. Register by clicking the “Apply” button in the top right corner of the IE website. Once your application is received, our admissions team will contact you to confirm your enrollment. Please keep in mind, it is not possible to apply for financial aid once the program has started.

Apply for everything: It is possible to finance your course with a combination of scholarships and loans. Don’t leave anything to chance. Apply for both scholarships and loans, and ensure you consider all available and relevant lending institutions. Since loan terms and requirements vary, it is always better to have several options in case one doesn’t work out. If granted several loans simultaneously, you will only be able to use one of them for tuition payment, but you can combine a loan with any scholarship you receive.

Visit IE’s Financial Aid website for more information.

Financing options

At IE, we support IE Executive Education program participants with the possibility to pay in interest-free installments to help them find their way.

Focus on success, not obstacles.

For more information, you can get in touch at loans@ie.edu.

Relevant information regarding Covid-19

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Keeping everyone safe and healthy is our number one priority, but we understand that planning for your future must continue. With this in mind, we have implemented an application process that is 100% online.

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Due to the current worldwide circumstances with Covid-19, please have a look at the most frequently asked questions we have prepared and collected for our students and candidates.