Driving Exponential Growth & Recovery - Program

Mindset, Leadership and Strategic Business Models for recovery and exponential growth

Module I: Getting the Right Mindset

In this module, you will explore the nature of systemic disruptions and the role of exponentiality as a way to generate growth and recovery.

In order to create the right mindset, you and your organization will have the opportunity to carry out growth- and recovery-readiness assessments as a starting point.

After that, you will be exposed to a multitude of mindset-defying experiences under the form of strategic challenges, disruption-based scenarios and counter-intuitive models of recovery and growth.

Module II: Exponential Business Models and Capabilities

Exponential business models provide us with a unique blend of robustness and scalability that are the very foundations of growth and recovery. In order to profit from them, a tested model of growth and recovery readiness is provided.

Additionally, you will be invited to dive into a comprehensive catalogue of exponential business models and gain practical experience in exponential business model prototyping.

Finally, growth and recovery require a new understanding of customers and markets. Key ingredients such as social legitimacy, as well as back-to-basics and market-making approaches are essential. This program is a great opportunity to explore these concepts in a practical way.

Module III: Leadership

Leadership is the translation of a mindset into purpose and execution. Recovery and Growth leadership will allow you to confidently take on the challenges of creating an organization that is adequately prepared to foster growth and recovery by developing an individualized strategic roadmap. Gain a variety of tools needed to successfully transition your company from linear to exponential growth.

Successfully manage your organization as you transform it into a sector survivor and disruptor. Learn how to take advantage of the talent within your business as a critical multiplier in times of recovery and growth.

A Liquid Learning Experience

At IE Business School Executive Education, we strive to provide an educational experience that works with the rhythm of high-performing professionals. Throughout our over 20 years as leaders in online learning, we have constantly sought to refine our approach. We have chipped away at the barriers that obstruct dynamic executives from discovering the latest best practices or gaining the tools to lead more effectively.