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Presentation on the working paper- US Trends That Matter For Europe: A New World In The Making

27 /02 /2019

The IE School of Global and Public Affairs had the recent pleasure to host the launching of the working paper, “US Trends That Matter for Europe”, created by the Fundación AlternativasObservatory on Foreign Policy (OPEX) in collaboration with the IE’s Transatlantic Relations Initiate on the Observatory on the European Union.

Vicente Palacio, Director of OPEX, began the presentation by stressing that the trends discussed in the report were present before the Trump administration and that Trump is nothing more than a symptom of these bigger changes. Mr. Palacio highlighted the eight key findings of the paper and then considered their implications. He pointed out the results show that serious self-critique is needed and that nostalgia or melancholy for the old worlustrends-europed order must be avoided. After this current turning point in history, there is no return to the politics of old.

Manuel Muñiz, Dean of the School of Global and Public Affairs, remarked how “fairly unique’ the exercise of the report was. He stressed that the rift in the transatlantic partnership is has become very evident and is growing. He even mentioned that such impressions about the drifting apart were echoed at the recent 2019 Munich Security Conference. Dean Muñiz then proceeded to lay out the two explanations of the split: the exogenous thesis, which deals with the reemergence of Russia and the rise of China, and the endogenous thesis, which focuses on the expanding role of domestic politics in geopolitics.

The Q&A session that followed left the audience ready to debate the topic ever more. Thanks to Mr. Vicente Palacio and Dean Muñiz, as well as the IE School of Global and Public Affairs and Fundación Alternativas, for a wonderful event.

About the Author:  Derek Benjamin is a 2018-2019 student of the Masters in International Relations with a background in Southern European politics, especially post-transition Spanish and Portuguese politics. Find him on LinkedIn here.