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Celia de Anca

Faces of Change: The story of Celia de Anca

The motivation of my work is to create a resilient community with the power of difference. By fostering gender awareness across IE University, together we are creating a better understanding of the complementary nature of masculine and feminine so men and women understand that only by embracing the equality of their differences will they be able to CREATE a new society and new mentality.

Through my teaching and awareness I impact the IE community that in turn provides women with diverse successful career paths, so they can develop their maximum potential and contribute to society alongside men.

IE impact on women’s careers in turn, provides the market with the skilled females it needs, helping “to achieve women’s full and effective participations and equal opportunities for leadership at all levels of decision making” as stated in SDG 5.5. and finally as an educational institution, we can Pass It On to future generations and create a more equal world for all.