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David Goodman

Faces of Change: The story of David Goodman

If we’re truly going to build a more sustainable world, it will necessarily start with our built environment: our buildings, our cities, and our shared spaces. As associate dean of the School of Architecture and Design and director of the architecture program, it’s part of my job to help prepare new generations of architects, designers, and creative professionals to produce a more humane and sustainable built environment. This isn’t just about raising consciousness. It’s also about providing concrete tools for shaping a more sustainable world. This is our responsibility. We’re lucky to have students who understand the gravity of the moment, and who are eager to make it their responsibility too. Sometimes the challenges can seem impossibly complex and desperately urgent. But when I see our students embrace these challenges as opportunities to make a better world, I’m optimistic that we together can make progress and transform the built environment to address the climate crisis at hand.

IE School of Architecture and Design

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