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Dhruv Boruah

Faces of Change: The story of Dhruv Boruah

Unable to justify my tangible impact after reaching 300 million people worldwide raising awareness about plastic pollution, I started running human-centric design hackathons to inspire people to take action, innovate & find solutions to the world’s biggest challenges. I am the founder of CommonVC where we co-create & invest in impact startups. Our latest effort to democratise impact entrepreneurship is an online Impact Startup School with 50 startups from 25 countries working on the SDGs and The Coronavirus Hackathon where we mobilised 900 innovators from 79 countries to innovate. We are now funding teams working across colour, race, religion, gender, age and national borders to solve one common challenge - COVID-19; and the co-founders have never met before. This is super risky, let us do it.

The man who fishes for plastic from a floating bicycle

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